Chiro Ferrara with Maradona. This picture is just a memory to return to now

His friend talked to Maradona from another world


Chiro Ferrara: That name may seem unfamiliar.

Juventus have won Serie A five times. He also won the Champions League for Juventus. But the former A defender, who has played 49 matches for Italy, will probably choose Napoli’s days as his best time in club football.

Ferrara won the Serie A, Coppa Italia and UEFA Cup twice, playing in Napoli from 1974 to 1994. In terms of success, Ferrara is more successful at Juventus. Yet why does Napoli pull him? That’s Diego Maradona!

Napoli had its best time in the late eighties. Naples emerged as the top club in Italian football. One of the reasons is Maradona. From 1974 to 1991, the Argentine legend brought the club from Napoli to the ranks of the best in Qatar.

Ferrara was Maradona’s closest friend in Napoli at the time. Their friendship lasted off the field until Maradona’s death. Ferrara, 54, also wrote a book about his friend, Ho Sin Diego. The book tells the story of Maradona’s days in Napoli.

A moment to talk about returning to the video

Today is Maradona’s first death anniversary. Last year, on this day, he traveled to Anantalo, a World Cup legend. A video was uploaded on Ferrara’s social media commemorating Maradona’s death anniversary.

In that video, Ferrara takes part in a fictional conversation with his dear friend. Along with the soft music in the background, the words of the return will also leave a mark on the minds of the football fans.

In the video, which lasted about 5 minutes, Ferrara looked at the camera and spoke as if Maradona was talking on the phone next to the camera! In this way, Ferrara waved a greeting hand to the Argentine legend, leaving him on the side of the camera in his imagination. Napoli have won the UEFA Cup, the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup.

“I was waiting for your call,” Ferrara told Maradona before retrieving anything from his memory. But it made me completely unprepared. Of course, who better than you! ‘

Ferrara then explains why the word ‘unprepared’. Maradona’s death. ‘Suddenly there was a lack of blood flow in the veins of the body. None of us were ready. No, Diego, none of us were ready. And that Wednesday, November, will be one of the saddest days in the lives of many, “Ferrara said of Maradona’s death.

At the end of the video, Ferrara bids farewell to Maradona, saying, “… but first of all, how are you? What is the survival of the survivors! What a thought you had. Thank you for calling. Don’t forget i love you my friend Goodbye Diego, goodbye captain. ‘

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