Ronaldo’s defeat again, Mbappe-Messi won PSG


Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi took to the field today. With a little more than 20 minutes left in the second half, both of them lost their teammates one by one. But at the end of the day, when Ronaldo is looking for a way to reduce the burning rate, Messi is mixing the joy of winning the joy of scoring the first goal in the league for PSG.

Today, Manchester United lost 4-1 against Watford with a team of 10. Meanwhile, PSG defeated Nante 3-1 with a team of 10 people.

United were relegated to Manchester City before the international break. Despite losing 2-0 that day, United were behind in every moment of the match. Even after a two-week break, there is no sign of improvement in United’s game. With him confirming the folly of captain Harry Maguire, Ronaldo will not be able to save the team, at least today and at the last minute.

Goalkeeper David de Gea saved United from danger within 10 minutes of the match. Ismaila saved a penalty in the 8th minute. Kiko Femenia scored from the return ball. But the VAR checked and said that Feminia was already out. De Heya disappointed Sar again even though he had to take a new penalty. But Watford went ahead with two goals in the first half. Fertilizer pays the penalty for breaking the penalty shortly before the break after Joshua King. Feminia has helped him in that goal!

Fon D’Bick returned United at the start of the second half. Ronaldo headed the ball from Sancho’s cross to Bick. The Dutch midfielder, who has been in the team for a long time, has reduced the gap by heading. United were playing like returning to the next 10 minutes. But captain Maguire ended all hopes of the team. Going to stop the fertilizer in the 72nd minute, he first saw a yellow card. After 6 minutes he went to show the footwork and put the team in danger. Maguire left the field after seeing the second yellow card by pulling the opponent’s player to cover the mistake. Two goals in added time added fuel to Watford United’s fire.

Meanwhile, PSG did not allow the red card to be an obstacle in their way of victory. Killian Mbappe put the team ahead in 2 minutes. Then the team got many more opportunities. But Messi has squandered one unnatural opportunity after another. Goalkeeper Kyler Navas was shown a red card for stopping Ludovic Blas in the 75th minute. Pachettino picked up Neymar and replaced him with goalkeeper Rico. But in the 6th minute, Rico could not stop Nante from equalizing.
When the match seemed to end in a draw, luck turned to PSG. PSG went ahead with a suicide goal in the 61st minute. In the 7th minute, Messi managed to cut Messi’s goal.

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