About Us

DailyHover.com is an online publication covering forthcoming trends and news in personal transportation technology, self-balancing scooter market & electric-drive industry.

DailyHover.com is a new online publication that was created to introduce and update people on the latest legislative activity and technology in self-balancing scooter market & electric-drive industry. Discover new and advanced ways to move around without the help of big vehicles or complex means of transportation. You will also be introduced to other personal transportation gadget aids too, like a compact motor that enhances the performances of a skateboard, unicycle or bike. DailyHover.com will not only introduce newbies to these new technologies but will also keep enthusiasts updated on upcoming and developing advances in the field of personal travel. DailyHover.com is your information guide: it covers every scope of personal transportation, as it focuses not only on existing technologies but also on new and emerging technologies in the field.

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