Lionel Messi was a bit dull today against Brazil

Messi is happy not to lose


Argentina could not win against Brazil without Neymar. Lionel Messi drew 0-0 at home in the World Cup qualifiers. In another match of the day, Chile lost 2-0 to Ecuador and Lionel Scaloni’s side secured a ticket to the Qatar World Cup in a draw against Brazil.

However, Argentina did not get a ticket to the main stage of the World Cup at the end of their match. Even after this, Lionel Messi was happy at the end of the match. Because his team did not lose against a ‘tough’ opponent. At the end of the match, Argentina captain Messi said: “It was clear to us that the game against Brazil was always difficult. That is what happened in this match too. But the biggest thing is that we are playing well and we have not lost this match. ”

Argentina captain Lionel Messi with teammates

Argentina midfielder Rodrigo Di Paul, who has been unbeaten in 26 consecutive World Cup qualifiers against Brazil, also said he would be happy to draw. “We wanted to give our best in our last match this year,” he told TYC Sports after the match. Wanted to entertain supporters. I’m glad we were able to do that. ”

Argentina has confirmed the World Cup game

Messi’s performance in today’s match against Brazil due to injury was doubtful. In the end, he was on the field for 90 minutes. He also had to face questions about this issue at the end of the match. “I’m fine,” Messi said of his fitness. And I wouldn’t play if it wasn’t good. I was out for a long time. That is why playing in such a fast paced match was not an easy one. But luckily I’m fine. Gradually regain speed. I hope I can finish the year well. ‘

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