3 days ago | By Johny Clinton

    A New Predator Species of Dinosaurs from Thailand Discovered Named: Siamraptor suwati

    Nowadays, the land near Ban Saphan Hin in central Thailand is a place where local…
    1 week ago | By Johny Clinton

    Amazon’s Prime Video App Returns to Apple App Store After Suddenly Disappearing

    Glitches and bugs are not new for the Apple Ecosystem. Earlier Friday, Amazon’s Prime Video…
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    The Google Pixel 4 to Motion Sense Gestures and Soli-Powered Face Unlock Features

    Recently, Google Pixel 4 has two main features, such as care for hands-free gestures radar-based…
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    Durian healthy or not

    Durian is a fruit which belongs to the tree species named Durio. It is a…
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    Warning for Millions of Users of iPads and iPhone from Apple

    Apple iOS 13.1 is launched, and it conveys a boatload of fixes for the major…
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    Common Mistakes Which Might Hurt Your Retirement Funds

    Getting retired means, you are no longer going to work; hence you must depend upon…
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    Picking Up Wrong Side Hustle Could Be Harmful

    When it comes to a job, a person would always think about doing something more…
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    Amazon Testing One Tap Product Review System

    Product feedback is one of the essential parts of the Marketplace. With the efficient review…
    June 5, 2019 | By Jason Amato

    New Study Reveals Drinking Extensive Amount of Coffee Does Not Spoil Heart Health

    It’s a time to celebrate for coffee lovers. A new study, published on Monday, reveals…
    June 4, 2019 | By Stefen Marawa

    NASA Selected Three Companies to Deploy Payload on the Lunar Land Citing Future Missions

    NASA has selected three commercial companies who will deliver science and technology payloads under Commercial…