You should not be complacent


This year, the world’s supply chain collapsed. The biggest problem in the country has been to keep the production going by procuring raw materials from import dependent industries. Not only did shipping and commodity prices rise, but commodities were not delivered on time. Entrepreneurs have had to get up to speed to procure easily available raw materials. This is due to the breakdown of the global supply chain.

We have suffered from global influences. The effect of that can be understood by looking at the cost of imports. The number of products that did not increase the cost of importing goods was negligible this year. On an average, the import price of goods has increased by 55 percent. Consumers have suffered at the end of the day due to rising import prices.

Corporates around the world were in a good position at the time of Corona. These companies have also made more profit. In contrast, consumer spending has risen the most. Freight has not yet reached. More than twice as much as usual. As a result, there is no good news for the consumers of this country even in the coming days.

Comparing with the ports of the world, it can be seen that there was no shipwreck in Chittagong port in the last half of the year. There is no chance of suffering in our complacency because there was no entanglement. Because, if the pressure of transporting goods increases, the port will not be able to handle it. The capacity of the port is not very high yet.

Production oriented industries are being developed in the country by overcoming the corona. If the year 2030 is to be tackled, then the capacity of the port will have to be increased five times more than at present. New ports have to be built. Now Patenga is the terminal. The construction of deep seaport terminal at Matarbari is in progress. However, the process of construction of Bay Terminal has not started yet. If you delay in building port-centric infrastructure, you will have to pay the next day.

Let me explain. Factories have just started to be set up in the economic zone. These economic zones will be fully operational in a few years. After the construction of large infrastructure including Padma bridge, there will be more productive factories in the private sector. In other words, after one or two years, it will be seen that the production in the industry will increase abnormally. If the port’s capacity to transport goods does not increase then it cannot be handled. Therefore, the issue should be given priority in the interest of the country.

Cox’s Bazar’s Maheshkhali Upazila’s Matarbari Power Station jetty on Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary of the launch of sea-going ships. In one year, goods were unloaded from 49 ships at two jetties of the power plant. The two jetties of the power plant are located at the end of Matarbari deep sea terminal under Chittagong port awaiting construction.

On December 29 last year, the first sea-going ‘MV Venus Triumph’ was launched at the oil unloading jetty of Matarbari Power Plant. The first ship was unloaded at another coal unloading jetty under construction on July 15. The construction of this 300 meter long jetty was completed last November. So far, 56,582 tons of goods have been unloaded from 49 ships at the two jetties.

Coal Power Generation Company Bangladesh Limited is implementing a 1,200 MW Ultra Super Critical Coal Power Plant with two jetties at Matarbari. The first unit of the power plant is scheduled to be commissioned in January 2024.

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