Your Website Ranking Dropped? Here Is What You Can Do


No one wants to see a drop, whether it’s a minor drop in secondary keyword rankings or a free fall in organic search rankings.

Considering that Google’s algorithms change from moment to moment, it is almost impossible to prevent such fluctuations. But moving your search engine rankings in the wrong direction is never welcome.

How do you stop a few dips from turning into a nose dive and getting lost in your natural search?

Being active and paying attention while solving problems and moving the needle in the right direction can save your rank.

These steps will help you find the crux of the problem, fix it, and bring the rankings back to normal.

Check the basics of the website

It’s easy to forget the basics when implementing advanced strategies to improve the performance of your website.

You may think there is a problem with link speed, anchor text ratio, or citation optimization, but the answer to your problem is directly on the website.

A 200 status code indicates that you can successfully communicate with the website. A successful HTTP request is an indication of the standard 200 status code.

If you want to check if your website returns successful requests, you can use a free tool like HTTP status code checker. If there is a problem, you can troubleshoot it based on the failure status code you receive, such as 410 (page is permanently removed) or 404 (page not found).—pass-exam-immediately-2022-632ae0bd62b72701a432e4e0—are-out-download-and-prepare-2022-632ae1186198f3e8e3826592—with-25-discount-offer—632ae16caf286d64b1f2ad4d—the-key-to-passing-exam-632ae212cf6d3c378dd4f57b—designed-by-experts-for-guaranteed-success-202–632ae227dc25bf27e080b648—pass-exam-in-first-attempt-2022-632ae2484fee8b3691102d75—study-tips-and-information-2022-632ae25a3b31145eb5f0b2c3

Check the basics of SEO

Basic SEO factors have taken a step back as the new rules are applied, but these factors still have a significant impact. Don’t let basic elements like meta descriptions, title tags, and titles cause your website’s ranking to drop.

Are the titles and meta tags of your homepage optimized and displayed in the right way in search results? A homepage title may look simple, but it is very effective at telling search engines what your website is.

Stay up to date on Google Algorithm Updates

The quality algorithm Panda and the link algorithm Penguin now form part of Google’s core algorithms and change in real time. You need to stay active to stay up to date with the latest changes.

Even small adjustments can affect the ranking of a web page. Stay up to date on Google by following influencers like Gary Illyes and Barry Schwartz and Danny Godwin at Google.

If you can’t find good information, you can go to Twitter. If the other webmaster is panicking, something new has definitely happened.

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