Hot New Interview with Celebrity Hairstylist Francisco Pinto


Interviewer: Hello, Francisco. Greetings and welcome! I see you’re building a name for yourself in the hair industry. How does it make you feel?

Francisco Pinto: Makes me feel happy and proud. Extremely proud of myself.

Interviewer: Can you tell us more about your latest success?

Francisco Pinto: You really got me on this question because I don’t even know what my latest success is. Every day is a success for the reason that I have the opportunity to better the person who I was yesterday. But the latest thing that I started working on is YouTube. I finally started my YouTube channel and it’s taking so long for me to start my YouTube channel for the reason that I wanted to create something different. I didn’t want a channel like any other hairstylist who is doing hair tutorials and reviewing products trying to sell people things that they don’t need. We have enough of that already. I believe that I have a purpose in life and it’s not just hair.  It’s the reason why I have gone through many difficult events in my life. Events that many people don’t overcome. Events that change you and will stop a person from accomplishing their goals or being the best version that they are intended to be. So my YouTube channel isn’t only speaking to Hairstylists, it’s speaking out to everyone who has a dream. Because in life nothing is impossible if you can imagine it, it’s possible and you can do it with her work of course and that your past doesn’t define you and only makes you stronger.

Interviewer: Do you ever have to cope with criticism and doubters because of the large impact of social media critics?

Francisco Pinto: Cope? Never! I love criticism whether it’s good or bad. I love it and I appreciate it. It’s the day that no one is talking about me or criticizing me that I need to worry about. And I absolutely love people doubting me because it only pushes me to prove them wrong. So tell me that I can’t do something because I will show you that I can.

Interviewer: Who would you choose if you could go on tour with any popular celebrity in the near future, and why?

Francisco Pinto: Surprisingly no one. This means that I would have to be dedicated to only one person. And what I have to offer and give is for everyone, not just for a celebrity or one person.

Interviewer: What more can we look forward to from your work in 2022?

Francisco Pinto: This 2022 you can look forward to getting to know the artist behind the beautiful hair. It’s important for me for you all to get to know me. So that I can fully gain your trust. Then I will be able to sell you whatever I want.  (Giggles) I’m joking!!  No but it’s really important for you to trust me because I’m going to teach you things about hair that are going against what you have been told how you don’t need to go and spend thousands of dollars on a product that you don’t need. And I know that what I’m about to tell you is completely different than what you’ve been told. So I need you to trust me because I know what I’m talking about.

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