The Barাa Xavi chapter has begun

Xavier remembers the old disciple


Xavi has taken on the mountainous responsibility of repairing the broken Barcelona. However, it cannot be said that he will get too much money to fix the condition of the team. A few days ago, the European media had estimated that Xavi could get one crore Euros in Mereket for arranging the team in the next transfer market. If that is the case, then it is certain that Barcelona will not be able to reach out to stars like Mbappe-Harland soon.
So Xavier does not have to meet the problem of Barcelona goal? Must meet. After the departure of Messi and Griezmann, there is no striker in Barcelona to rely on except one Memphis Depi.

Ansu Fati is trying his best, but where is he able to play that way due to injury? Strikers like Martin Brathwaite and Luke de Young do not go well with Xavi’s style of play. As a result, Barcelona will need someone new to score a goal. And for that purpose, Xavi can reach out to a former disciple.

Xavier remembers the old disciple

The Spanish coach wants to bring his former club Al-Saad’s Algerian striker Baghdad Bonedajah to Barcelona. Bonedijah has been Al-Saad’s main striker since 2015. It is hard to say that he is just performing his duty, in fact, he has been running away from the flood of goals for six years.

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