When two Indian stars Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli met in an IPL match

Kohli or Rohit’s profit? The house is serious on both sides of the drum


India snatched the ODI captaincy from Virat Kohli and handed it over to Rohit Sharma on Wednesday. Talks are going on in Indian cricket about this! Whether it is good for India or not, whether the conflict between Kohli and Rohit will get bigger or not … there is no end to the discussion!

Former Indian cricketers, board officials, cricket analysts are talking about it, many outside India are not missing the opportunity to express their views on the subject.

Kohli or Rohit’s profit

However, former India opener Gautam Gambhir has opted for moderation in the debate. Asked about the division of India’s captaincy in the three editions of cricket between Kohli and Rohit, Gambhir said, “It has benefited both Rohit and Kohli.” It’s like giving a house on both sides of the drum!

Ahead of last month’s T20 World Cup, Kohli announced that he was stepping down as India’s captain. A few days ago, Kohli relinquished the captaincy of his franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. But since then rumors have been circulating that Kohli could lose his ODI captaincy by withdrawing from the T20. In the end, that is the truth!

In other words, Rohit is now the captain of T20 as well as ODI.

The BCCI has said in all its official and unofficial explanations that the selectors have decided to have separate captaincy in white ball and red ball cricket. Gambhir has almost the same explanation on the Indian TV channel Star Sports’ ‘Follow the Blues’.

Gambhir said it would be good for Kohli to bat if he stepped down as captain with the white ball. It might give Virat Kohli a little more freedom. With no captaincy on his shoulders, he may become even more dangerous in white ball cricket (with the bat). ‘

It is important for India to get Kohli back in the form of ‘Kohli’ with the bat.Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting also have 71 centuries between him.

At the same time, I would like to say that the passion that he has shown for so many years, the physical and mental strength that he has shown, you will get from Virat Kohli in the same way. Whether he is the captain or not. ‘

At the same time, Gambhir’s analysis of handing over the captaincy of the white ball to Rohit Sharma is serious, “It is good for Indian cricket that we have two captains – one white, one red. Rohit will also have time to sort out the team in white ball cricket – be it T20 or ODI. Indian cricket is doing well, especially in white ball cricket.

Gambhir also sees Rohit’s five titles as the captain of the Mumbai Indians in the IPL as proof of Rohit’s good captaincy, saying, “He has won the IPL trophy five times. That means he knows how to do something different than other captains! ‘

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