UI do’s and don’t for creating efficient IOS applications


IOS applications are rising these days as they can easily aid merchants in making their services easily available for audiences. Further, by hire iOS developer merchants can easily create amazing and unique applications for their business to tap into the potential IOS device users. However, to gain profits from IOS applications merchants must plan the functionalities of their IOS app development services sincerely. Without functionality and application flow, an IOS application would fail to catch the user’s attention, which might provide desired results.   


However, this could easily be avoided by creating a proper application UI for the IOS app. As with the help of an application UI, a merchant easily represents their services and products to their target audience. But to achieve this, iOS app development services provider companies must follow proper UI practices as without following these principles it is almost impossible for merchants to make their app look interactive and user-friendly. With this article today, we will take a look at the best practices to adapt and practices to avoid, creating efficient IOS apps:

Practices to avoid during the UI design process

Adapting to best practices can transform the quality of an IOS application drastically. However, improper strategies and practices can make an application look all over the place. So iOS app development services must avoid adapting to such practices and strategies. Below is a list of some of the properties that developers must avoid during iPhone app development.


  1. Using irresponsive images that don’t resize according to the screen size is one of the most common UI mistakes. Further, during navigation, this can negatively affect the user’s experience so developers must avoid doing so during designing an IOS app.
  2. Using smaller fonts that are hard to understand and read by the user is another common mistake that developers tend to commit. This in the long run can make the navigation process complicated for the users.
  3. Making the Call To Action button too small for touch interaction is another common design blunder that developers commit. But it can also harm the navigation experience very easily so developers must stay mindful of sizing the UI elements properly.

UI best practices for creating efficient IOS app development

Adapting to proper UI best practices can easily aid a merchant in improving their IOS application’s quality and achieve higher profits. Below is a list of some of those unique best practices:


  1. Using design standards specified by Apple for the creation of IOS apps is one of the practices that every hired ios developer must adapt to. This will aid them in creating simplistic, lightweight, and unique IOS applications for their clients.
  2. Another important practice that every app designer must adapt to is the use of graphic elements with proper resolution. So that they don’t appear blurry while navigating. Further, merchants must make sure that their graphic elements are responsive in nature as well.
  3. Moreover, merchants must adapt to application layouts that are self-explanatory to the target audience for providing an easy navigation experience. As it will aid them in easily accessing the products and services they are looking for. 

To wrap up

UI plays a huge role in making an IOS application successful. However, to use the application UI to the business’s advantage, merchants must adapt to the UI best practices mentioned above. These practices easily help in creating an easy-to-navigate and interactive UI for their website to achieve higher profits and sales.


I am Neeraj Das, an iOS developer by profession with experience of over 3+ years. Currently, I am a full-time iOS developer associated with a leading iOS App development company in the USA. iOS application is a must for businesses trying to efficiently represent their business online. Hire iOS app developer today for creating amazing iOS applications to efficiently represent your business.


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