Going to the World Cup?

Suarez can take Uruguay to the World Cup


They are two-time world champions. He also played in the semifinals of the 2010 World Cup. Experienced players like Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani, Diego Gadin, Nahitan Nandez, Rodrigo Bentancur, Lucas Torreira, Jose Himenez are in the team. With Ronald Arauho, Darwin News has talent. It is natural to think that such a team will take part in any global tournament if it laughs. But where is it!

Uruguay seems to be struggling to register for the World Cup in Qatar. They lost 3-0 against Bolivia this morning.

Luis Suarez

A pair of goals from forward Juan Ars and a goal from striker Marcelo Moreno confirmed Uruguay’s rate. With this, Uruguay lost four matches in a row in the World Cup qualifiers. For the first time in their history, Uruguay lost four matches in a row in the qualifying round.

As a result, there are serious doubts about whether Suarez will play in the World Cup in Qatar at all. The top four teams in the Latin American qualifiers will play the World Cup live. The fifth team will play in the play-off. According to the current status of the points list, Uruguay will not get a chance in the play-offs either. After playing 14 matches, the team is at number seven with only 16 points.

However, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia are fighting hard to get a chance in this play-off. Colombia and Peru are just one point ahead of Uruguay. They are in teams number four and five in the points list.

Chile’s six points are equal to Uruguay’s, but Suarez is behind in goal difference. Bolivia, at number eight, is just one point behind. So much can still happen in the last two rounds. Suarez, Cavani are still struggling to score despite Uruguay. They have scored only 14 goals in 14 matches, digesting seven more goals.

Uruguay has been embroiled in controversy over the removal of longtime veteran coach Oscar Tabarez. Tabarez himself has refused to resign, saying “I do not want to give up now. If the decision to cut me is made, I will respect it. But I don’t know who will ask me, especially what I have done for the team for a decade and a half. ‘

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