Saudi Crown Prince’s Club will make money in the market


The way things go, the richest club in the world, not the Champions League, will have to play the championship next season. A consortium owned by the Saudi prince has bought Newcastle United this season. PSG and Paris Saint-Germain have become the superpowers in European football by becoming rich in the sense of the rich people of the East. The Saudi prince is far ahead of the owners of these two parties in terms of finances.

In this sense, Newcastle will get back its old glory by bringing one star after another, will play in the Champions League. The supporters of the party were dreaming like that. But in the first 14 matches of this season, the team is at the bottom of the Premier League with only 6 points. Newcastle are aiming for a January reshuffle to end the situation. They are going to do what is unimaginable in the winter team change, they will arrange the team at a cost of 20 to 30 crore pounds.

Newcastle started the league under Steve Bruce. Bruce received word that the ownership had changed before the end of the season. He was immediately afraid of losing his job. He realized that no club that wanted to be a superpower would hire him as a coach. And his field performance was also random. Newcastle have lost their first match in the League Cup. And 5 out of 6 matches in the league. Three have drawn.

Eddie Howe has taken over as interim coach. Newcastle is not very good under him. Has drawn one of the two matches, lost the other. Newcastle, who have drawn seven matches so far in the Premier League, have lost the remaining seven. All other teams in the league have won at least one match. If this continues, Newcastle will decline. Who wants to accept such a fate after buying a club by investing more than 300 million pounds. So without waiting for the new season, Newcastle will spend big sums in January.

Former midfielder Joe Cole, who has played for Chelsea and Liverpool, at least thinks so. Amazon told Prime Video that they would spend between 200 million and ৩০ 300 million in January. They didn’t come here to have fun. They are the richest owners we’ve ever met, and I think they’ll make money in January. My idea is to have four or five players in the team. Once they win and settle down, they will start the game. ‘

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