Messi's Argentina has reached the World Cup after drawing Neymar's last match against Brazil

Messi and Argentina waiting for the ‘hell’ journey


Argentina has already confirmed that Qatar will play in the main round of the World Cup. Chile is in danger. Chile are sixth in the ten-team table with 16 points from 14 matches in the South American qualifiers. The top four teams will advance directly to the main stage of the 2022 World Cup. With this challenge in mind, Chile will host Argentina in their 15th round match on January 26 at home.

According to the Argentine media ‘La Nacion’, the venue of the match was likely to change. In the end, it is Chile-Argentina that will face off at the Estadio Juros del Desierto Stadium in Calama, a stadium called “Hell” in Chile.

Argentina, unbeaten in 28 matches, drew 0-0 with Brazil in the last match.Needless to say, Argentina will try to fix their own game in the remaining 5 matches.

But today, with the selection of Zorros del Desierto as the venue for the match at the South American governing body (Conmebol), the question arises as to whether Argentina will be able to maintain their unbeaten run.

There is a connection between the question and the field in Chile. The Zoros del Desierto Stadium is located at an altitude of 2,260 meters above sea level. If you don’t have a regular habit of playing at such heights, it is normal to have a lot of problems. Suffering from oxygen crisis. Shortness of breath comes quickly.

Bolivia, Ecuador are the big teams in the South American qualifiers. Now Chile is walking that path. The Trans-Andean people of Chile call this field ‘El Inferno’, meaning ‘Hell!’

This field with more than 12 thousand seats is located in the mining area. Next to it is the Andes Mountains. Named after the local fox, Calpeo Fox.

However, height is not the only problem in this field. Temperature fluctuations can also be a problem for Argentina.

In January, the temperature dropped from 30 degrees Celsius at noon to 5 degrees Celsius at night. Chile will face Argentina in this match at 9:15 pm local time. The next day at 8 am Bangladesh time.

Lionel Messi will play for the first time in this field. Argentina has never played in this field before.

This ‘hell’ of Chile is again not a paradise for the hosts but a holder of two happy memories. The Chilean national team has won two of the two matches played at the ground. In 1985, the Chilean national team defeated the Danish club Vezle Boldclub 5–0 on the field. Twenty-five years later, in preparation for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Chile beat Zambia 3-0 at the ground.

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