Lockdown in Austria without corona vaccination

‘Lockdown’ in Austria without corona vaccination


The Austrian government has taken people who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus under lockdown. According to the British media BBC, the lockdown has been effective since Monday in the country to cope with the record of coronary infections and patient pressure in the hospital.

This is a necessary step,” said Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schlenberg. According to the lockdown rules, unvaccinated people have only one urgent need, such as not being able to go out of the house without buying medicine and food.

Austria’s new move will affect the lives of 2 million people in the country. In the meantime, unvaccinated people have lost the opportunity to go to restaurants, saloons and theaters. They have been asked to stay indoors during the lockdown. Eighty-five percent of Austrians are fully vaccinated. This is the lowest vaccination rate in Western Europe.

In the last one week, 800 out of every 100,000 people in Austria have been diagnosed with coronavirus. This is one of the highest corona detection rates in Western Europe. Due to the high rate of infection in the country, the patient pressure in government hospitals is increasing. The initial period of lockdown will be next 10 days. However, this rule will not apply to children under 12 years of age and those who have recently recovered from corona.

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