4 ideas to effectively teach distance learning


The past years have brought many challenges, one of which has been the switch to distance learning. While this has been a difficult adjustment for learners, teachers, and parents, there are some silver linings. Distance learning 2021 has forced us to get creative and find new ways to connect with our learners.

When it comes to online distance learning, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. Every student is different, and what works for one might not work for another. The key is to find the right mix of strategies that work for your students. In this post, we’ll share ideas that can help you effectively teach distance learning.

4 Ideas for effective distance learning

  • Adapt your communication skills

Whether you’re a seasoned online teacher or new to the world of distance education one thing is for sure: effective communication is key to success. For effective communication, there should be no barrier between pupil and teacher, in the message sent, the messenger and the receiver. 

Research has shown that there are several ways to reduce the communication barriers between pupils and their instructors, these include;

  • Increasing contact time between the learner and the teacher. 
  • Allowing personal contact between the pupil and educator with no mediator.. 

To improve the communication between the learner and the tutor, the tutor needs to be sensitive to the learner’s background and communication styles. Tutors should be thoroughly prepared, with an understanding of technical equipment and problems they may have associated with e learning special education. Several programs should also be put in place to cater for e learning for special education students who require more time and attention. 

Allowing scholars to ask questions can ensure that they comprehend the subject matter in online classes. Measures need to be put in place to monitor student engagement in their studies. This can be done through the provision of tutorials and weekly assessments. As an instructor, it is essential to enrich the learning experience for the pupils and to create a positive e learning online education atmosphere by fostering a sense of community. 

To ensure that the learners are well equipped with the information required for the course, the instructor can make the course expectations explicit to the scholars. Both parties can give feedback on the evaluation so they can fix their mistakes, and give guidance on how to move forward in improving their learning. This also refines the e learning in teacher education standards. 

  • Choose the best tools

Teaching tools are implemented in enhancing the teaching and learning experience. The major e-learning online education tools include; online classrooms, applications, and assistive technology. These tools are in the form of applications e.g. pdf editors like Adobe and Lumin, google docs, and canvas

Communication Tools

Virtual classrooms like zoom or Google classroom are platforms where learners and instructors interact in a learning environment. They allow the instructor to moderate the participation of the learners. There are virtual class boards that can assist in the delivery of information, engage the learners in quizzes, and record the online class sessions. 

Instructors can prepare the material of the class by accessing the class before commencing the class. The material shared by the instructor is available even after the lesson and can be accessed by the students for further referencing. 

Document Editing Tools

Numerous online teaching applications can be accessed via cell phones such as Google Docs, pdf editors, and file-sharing platforms. These allow learners to access live and recorded sessions. These are technology-oriented study tools that allow information sharing between learners and teachers. The benefits are that they are accessible to students who live remotely. The teacher can use the audio-visual modes provided and students can interact with each other.

Assistive Tools

In online learning, assistive technology such as text-to-speech, reading pens, and voice recognition software refers to any software that is specifically designed for special education students. They are designed to bridge the learning gap so that even students with learning disabilities are fully catered to. These technologies assist by enhancing the strengths of the students and improving the difficulties they may be facing.

  • Set Your Expectations

Creating a communication plan is key; it informs the students of the platforms that will be used to deliver the course.  The instructor should share the structure of the course to inform the students how the course components will be maintained. Students can share the expectations they have of the course and the instructor to enhance the learning experience, it also improves the dialogue between student and instructor. 

Routine expectations are paramount in online education e learning, it improves time management for the students and the instructor so that student activity is monitored. Anticipation of technical challenges and delays in connectivity should be expected. Time zone differences should also be considered.

  • Gather Your Educational Resources

These are e learning creative education resources that are found online that can assist in the delivery of the course. They make learners less reliant on instructors and more independent by extracting information from online resources. These learning resources include simulations, visualizations, and innovations that support the teaching and learning of the course. This is beneficial in assisting learners who require a different type of learning style. It can be used by instructors to make the course more appealing to learners. 

E learning sites online education resources assist in bridging the gap between insufficient knowledge, inadequate knowledge of the technology, the complexity of technology, and the organization of the curriculum. E-learning school education resources enhance the delivery of education by improving the knowledge and skills in the design of activities that can assist the students. 

Distance learning is the new normal and with the emergence of better learning tools daily it keeps on improving. Download the learning right tools and get you! Improve the experience now

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