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4 Compelling Reasons To Pave Your Garden With Porcelain Tiles


If you’re fortunate enough to have a garden, or any kind of outdoor space attached to your home, you’ll doubtless want it to look great and inspire you and other members of your household to spend time in it whenever the weather permits. Luckily, with Porcelain Paving you can create a wonderfully stunning and practical garden that’s both safe to use and fabulous to look at.

Never heard of porcelain tiles before, or thought that they weren’t suitable for use outside? Check out 4 of the most popular reasons for paving your garden with porcelain tiles, and get on your way to a garden that’s the envy of all your neighbours!

1. Porcelain makes a great surface, even in wet weather

Because porcelain tiles look so smooth, it’s easy to assume that they would be quite slippery in wet conditions, but actually, the reality is very different. Whether you’re seeking to create a patio or paved walkway in your front or rear garden, porcelain tiles are a great option as they rate well on the ‘slip skid’ ratings.

Measured in R values, slip skid ratings begin at R9 and go up to R13; R9 indicates that a material should only be used on dry areas, while R13 is suitable for areas that are continually exposed to moisture, like around a swimming pool, for example. Porcelain tiles that are high quality are typically rated as R11, meaning that they’re great for use in all types of conditions, including when it’s raining.

2. Porcelain tiles are durable and long lasting

Constructed using refined clay and materials that occur naturally, the process of making porcelain tiles involves exposure to a lot of pressure and high temperatures. In a process called ‘vitrification,’ porcelain tiles become incredibly durable and strong, and absorb minute amounts of water during their lifespan. This means that even the harshest of weather won’t cause your tiles to crack, even over time.

3. Porcelain tiles are easy to keep clean

For anyone who enjoys a low maintenance garden, porcelain is a great choice. Thanks to the fact that it absorbs very little water, tiles made from porcelain won’t suffer from staining or frost exposure, and to a lesser degree, may never suffer from algae or moss growth, either. When your outdoor porcelain tiles begin to look a little grubby, simply use hot soapy water to clean them, and restore them to their former glory.

4. Porcelain tiles are a great choice for modern gardens

Porcelain tiles comes in a wide array of different colours and with a selection of varying finishes, making it super simple to achieve a modern design in your garden, however you plan to use the tiles. While trends can of course change, grey, patterned porcelain tiles are currently proving popular, as are tiles with unique finishes that work well to reflect a garden that’s doing more than merely keeping up with appearances!

For more advice and guidance related to porcelain tiles for your garden, simply find a local company selling them and browse their catalogue online or visit them in-store.

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