Gohar Johar Kudayi, the goalkeeper of the Iranian women's football team, is facing controversy

Jordan raised the question whether the goalkeeper of the Iranian women’s team is a man or a woman


The Jordanian Football Association (JFA) has lodged a serious complaint with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Jordan has complained to the AFC about whether Iran’s women’s goalkeeper Johar Kudayi is a boy or a girl. Iran, meanwhile, has denied the allegations.

Jordan faced Iran in the women’s 2022 Asian Cup qualifiers on September 25. After a goalless draw in the allotted time, the two teams played a tiebreaker. There, in a 4-2 victory, Iran entered the final of the Women’s Asian Cup for the first time. Jordan’s two shots in the tiebreaker were blocked by Iranian goalkeeper Johar Kudayi.

Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein, president of the Jordan Football Association, tweeted a letter last Sunday. In the letter, he requested a “gender test” from Johor Kudai. He also called on the AFC to be “vigilant”.

According to the media, Kudaiyi played the role of a man in the guise of a woman in Johar – this is what the JFA thinks.

Meanwhile, Miriam Iranushat, selector of the Iranian women’s team, dismissed the allegations, saying, “The medical team has examined all the players of the national team very well. Hormone tests have also been done to avoid such problems. That’s why I am telling the supporters, there is nothing to worry about. ‘

IranDushat made the remarks on Iran’s sports news site VergesThree. He also promised that “the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) will provide the documents in a very short time.”

A letter from the Jordan Football Federation (JFA) on 5 November raised questions about the goalkeeper’s ability to play. The letter goes on to say that there have been “gender and dope controversies” in the past over the Iranian women’s party.

The letter called on the AFC to take “appropriate action”. Jordan made the false accusation in order to avoid liability for its losses, Jordan said, adding that Jordan had made such allegations because Iran could not accept the rate against the women’s team. The Jordanian women’s team thought they were the favorites to advance to the finals. Now, it is not uncommon for people to make false accusations and try to avoid liability. ‘

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