Is Divi The Best WordPress Theme In 2022?


Divi comes with lots of highly adaptable site designs and a variety of customization features to allow you to fine-tune things even further. It comprises the Divi Builder, its Template Builder, and also the Divi Libraries, a drag-and-drop page builder. Additionally, the WordPress theme and template customizer is supported.

It works seamlessly with prominent WordPress extensions and plugins, such as WooCommerce, and it handles 32 languages out of the box (having right-to-left languages). Divi is among the Top 25 of the best WordPress themes is on Mister WP.

  • Divi Builder Vs. Divi Theme

Elegant Themes astonished many individuals when they released Divi since it was a terrific package. Divi isn’t the first all-in-one WordPress blog theme, but it was the first theme to assist you in designing your pages and posts.

Customers could utilize the Professional Page Builder in the initial version of Divi to create attractive blog entries. This page builder was only compatible with Divi and didn’t use any other WordPress theme.

Elegant Themes was renamed the powerful page builder Divi Builder following thousands of submissions. With this independent WordPress plugin, you could use Divi’s page builder on any theme of WordPress.

Customizing The Look And Feel Of Your Website

Divi enables you to change the look and feel of your site in various ways. Every component, section, row, and column can get adjusted in the primary content domain, which Divi Builder manages.

The following can get changed: width, layout, colors, borders, animations, location, accessibility, CSS, and more. The personalization for each part of your webpage is astounding, and you can select to redo and undo your changes if you make any mistakes.

You may use Divi Theme Builder to build as many themes as you require and use them in various regions of your site. Visit the Themes Demo page to see how you can make different layouts and personalize your designs.

Divi Support Section

The Divi Support Center is one of Divi’s most recent developments. The support center, located within the Divi menu, was created to enable Elegant Themes personnel to communicate with clients better.

A system status report is situated at the top of the page and may be used to determine whether the host has been properly configured for Divi. WordPress installation needs some tweaks to host the Divi effectively. Remote accessibility is also possible. It will give the Divi support team limited access so that they may troubleshoot any problems you’re facing.

A secure mode option has been enabled in Divi, which disables functionality and extensions that may create compatibility concerns. Elegant Themes also do not limit access to support. They will help you with an unlimited amount of websites that you own.

Cost Of The Divi Theme

Elegant Themes has the most straightforward and reasonable pricing strategies in the WordPress community. You get full accessibility to all Elegant Themes products with a single license, and you may utilize them on an infinite number of sites. You can pay $89 each year or a one-time cost of $249. If you make use of our Elegant Themes coupon code, you may save an additional 20% on your order.

Summing Up!

As you’ve seen, Divi is a flexible WordPress theme that stays true to its moniker as an All in One theme. It’s a versatile, user-friendly solution with extensive customization tools for businesses, including third-party add-ons, themes, etc. It’s crucial to remember that no WordPress page builder is without flaws. They all have advantages and disadvantages, and you may prefer one method for one job but not for others.

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