Bipin Rawat

Helicopter crash kills India’s defense chief Bipin Rawat


Helicopter crash kills Indian Defense Minister General Bipin Rawat Eleven other people on board, including his wife, were killed. The accident took place in Tamil Nadu on Thursday afternoon.

There were 14 people on board the helicopter. 5 of them are crew and the remaining 9 are passengers. Among the passengers were army commandos besides Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat.

The helicopter crashed in the Nilgiri Hills area of Tamil Nadu at 12:20 pm. The Indian Air Force reported the crash around 2 p.m. A few hours later, it was reported that 13 of the 14 people on board the helicopter had died. However, no information was available about the condition of Bipin Rawat.

The Indian Air Force confirmed the deaths of 13 people, including Bipin Rawat, in the evening, NDTV reported.

The helicopter carrying Bipin Rawat took off from an airport in Sulur, near Tamil Nadu. He was going to a Defense Service Staff College located at Urahgamanralam in the state. Former Indian Army chief JJ Singh said it was difficult to identify those killed in the crash.

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