There will be more such storms in the United States

‘There will be more such storms in the United States’


Many more powerful and devastating storms will hit the United States in the future, and such incidents will occur regularly. The head of the US Emergency Management Agency issued the warning on Sunday, local time, after tornadoes hit various parts of the country. He thinks that such a situation will arise due to the effects of climate change. News AFP

For a long time, meteorologists and scientists have been warning that the weather is getting worse. Natural disasters such as storms, fires, and floods are intensifying. Meanwhile, tornadoes raged in six US states from midnight on Friday to Saturday. It killed about 100 people. Many are missing.

Diane Criswell, head of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), visited the state of Kentucky on Sunday to assess the damage caused by the tornado. Before leaving, he gave interviews to several US media outlets.

In an interview with CNN’s State of the Union, Chriswell hinted that such a disaster would become a regular occurrence. “Such incidents are becoming a new normal for us,” he said.

The FEMA chief warned that the United States faces challenges in dealing with such adverse weather conditions. “The impact of climate change that we are seeing is a crisis for our generation,” he told CNN.

Chriswell made a similar point in an interview with ABC’s This Week on Sunday. “We have to face stronger storms and hostile weather ahead,” he said. It could be a hurricane, a tornado or a wildfire, ”he said.

Several cities were devastated by the tornado. The tornado raged for more than 200 miles.

On Saturday, US President Joe Biden said it was probably one of the longest-running tornadoes in US history. However, the impact of climate change on such specific storms is not yet clear.

“We all know that when the climate is warming, the intensity of everything is increasing ই everything,” Biden said.

Scientists have not yet confirmed that the intensity of the storm is increasing due to climate change. However, they agreed that there are indications for this view.
The international non-profit scientific organization AGU recently released an analytical report. There are hints that global warming will play a role in making the weather worse.

Climate scientists at the University of California responded to the results of the study on Twitter on Saturday. He says there is no established statement on the role of climate change in severe weather conditions such as tornadoes. However, research is underway. Studies so far have shown that global warming may increase the risk of such disasters in different parts of the world.

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