Federico Bernardeschi after the goal

Goal after 513 days


Juventus beat Cagliari 2-0 in Italian Serie A tomorrow. Juventus’ Italian winger Federico Bernardeschi scored 513 days in Serie A with a goal in this match.

Juventus rose to full five points in the league table with three full points. The team collected 34 points in 19 matches. Inter Milan is at the top with 43 points in 16 matches.

Massimiliano Allegri’s side will enjoy a two-week winter break after winning the last match of the year. However, next year, the challenge will be to take the challenge back on the field. Juventus will face Napoli, AS Roma and AC Milan in January. Atalanta will face on 12 February.

Juventus scored two goals in the second half of the match. In the 40th minute, Moiz Kin’s goal put the ‘Turin’s old women’ ahead. He scored a goal in the head. Bernardeschi got the adorable goal in the 63rd minute after 43 matches from a powerful shot. His last goal in Serie A for Juventus was against Sampdoria on 28 July last year. Then Juventus coach Mauricio Sari.

The league has just started after the lockdown due to coronavirus. After Andre Pirlo became the coach, Bernardeschi did not score a goal in the whole season.

However, Juventus coach Allegri said that Bernardeschi had played his best match of the season last night. “He has played the best match of the season so far. But he has the ability to do better than that. Now it is up to him to decide where to put himself. “

Bernardeschi’s relationship with him was not so good when Pirlo was the coach. There are rumors that Juventus wants to release him.

Bernardeschi, who has scored five goals in 18 games this season, has been one of Juventus’ best performers since the beginning of December. In less than two weeks, he will have the opportunity to talk to another club for a change of team.

Despite recent agent changes, no player has contacted any club on behalf of the player, according to Italian media.

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