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Gefen International Fintech Platform for Insurance Agents


Gefen Technologies is disrupting the insurance industry in the best way possible. Having an online presence is no longer “optional.” No business can afford to be left behind, and the insurance industry is certainly no exception. 

Luckily for insurance carriers and their agents, Gefen International AI (ASX:GFN) is leading the way in digital transformation solutions. Their best-in-class platform automates agent workflow while personalizing customer experience. Powered by artificial intelligence, Gefen’s technology enhances the “human touch” that customers expect of their insurance brokers. 

Tel Aviv-based Gefen was founded in 2016 and is already disrupting the insurance industry with its SaaS platform, which allows agents to provide customers with a native digital experience for all their insurance needs. 

Gefen’s platform lets insurance agents connect with customers at the right time, and automatically distributes relevant offers and content to match their preferences and needs. Agents can easily deploy automated marketing campaigns across all digital channels like email, websites, blogs, and social media, and can personalize them to drive quality leads. 

The company seems to be taking the insurance landscape by storm, with a total revenue growth of 37% in 2021 compared to the previous year. Insurance agents have been quite receptive to the offering based on Gefen’s growth. The company has seen a surge in end customers last year, growing from approximately 65K to 296K, while the number of premium agents using the platform increased by 66%. Clearly, Gefen is on to something. 

With its newly solidified position in the market and warm reception by customers, Gefen is taking its CRM platform component to the next level. 

Gefen’s CRM Platform Supports MultipleChannels

Gefen’s goal is to offer a complete digital ecosystem for its customers. Their platform feature list is continuously expanding in what already has become a total end-to-end online solution for insurance carriers and their agents. is on a quest to disrupt the insurance industry with a one-rule-all platform that can cater to the needs of insurance companies, agents, and customers alike. 

Its CRM solution offers comprehensive channel support, meaning that agents can access all communication channels in one place, including email, call, text, video chat, and even social media. And, more importantly, they don’t need to learn how to use a new tool: they can stick to their favorite communication channels and then all call recordings, emails, attachments, and other relevant materials are automatically added to the platform.  

In addition to this comprehensive channel support, the platform offers other noteworthy functionalities such as data analysis for targeted marketing efforts and offerings. 

Enhanced Customer Experience 

Now, the insurtech company announced a new feature for its CRM platform: a WhatsApp integration that promises to boost customer engagement and reduce churn. “In line with our intention to increase our product and services offering, we have continued adding important features and modules which continue to reduce the labor work done by the agents and advisors,” Gefen co-founder and CEO Orni Daniel said. 

This new feature allows insurance agents to integrate their Business WhatsApp account into the conversation module of the CRM platform. Different people in the same team will be able to answer messages sent to that account, and all conversations via WhatsApp will be recorded and added to the platform database, along with all relevant attachments and documents. 

Although seemingly small, this new functionality can potentially help insurance agents engage with their customers in a fast, easy and reliable manner, given that WhatsApp seems to be people’s favorite communication channel.

 Gefen International has come to revolutionize the current insurance landscape with artificial intelligence, machine learning and data. The company is at the forefront of the digital transformation of a largely traditional sector that is now being forced to move with the times. In fact, analysts agree that Gefen stock is currently an excellent value for investment, so the future seems bright for this insurtech trailblazer. 

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