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Biden expressed concern about the number of deaths and omikron in the winter without vaccination


Omicron is the name of a new concern across America. This time his echo was heard on the face of President Joe Biden. “This winter we are awaiting the serious illness and death of the non-vaccinated,” he said on Thursday.

Coronavirus experts say much remains to be seen about this new form of corona, first discovered in South Africa. But the U.S. government has said in a statement that there are “significant reasons” for the concerns. In this situation, Biden’s advice to the countrymen is, “Those who have not yet received the first vaccine, take it quickly.” And for those who have had two vaccines, take the third booster vaccine. “

According to figures provided by the US government’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average daily infection in the country as of December 1 was 7,000. Now it has increased to 1 lakh 16 thousand. The daily average death toll is 1,115. With a 35 percent increase in infections, Biden said vaccination is the only way to deal with anxiety.

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