Peter Szabo

Young, Self-made Entrepreneur Peter Szabo Guides Others to Success Using The Source Hacker System


Finding a reliable mentor in business can be challenging, especially when there are endless gurus out there promising you the world. Many forms of therapy or mentorship programs are expensive and take years to produce results. But one self-made entrepreneur is standing out from the rest, with a genuine interest in helping other people become successful and improve their overall lives.

Becoming successful one step at a time

Peter Szabo started working his way up in the marketing world when he was only 11 years old. The Slovakia native’s family was in a tight financial situation when he was growing up, and he desperately wanted to help them. With blind courage after watching the movie, “Secret,” he went onto Google and typed “how to make money online.” From here, he started making small amounts of money online and getting acquainted with the digital marketing world. At first, he was only making pennies a day clicking on ads through pay-per- click websites. He worked on this for months before finally making a dollar. But he persisted and continued making money online through freelance service sites, as well as social media and email marketing. Eventually he was making more and more per day.

But along the way, he wasted money on people falsely promising to mentor him. So to serve as a reliable resource for businesses and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, he has made it his mission to help others. To help businesses take their digital presence to the next level, Szabo founded LeadEvo, which is an international social media marketing agency. He has become an expert in paid ads dollars into profit. He’s helped over 300+ of his clients generate over $100M in revenue profitably via social media ads.

Who would think that an eleven-year-old boy would become driven to start a business and make money online? Yet, it’s precisely what Peter Szabo did when his parents’ investment failed. He got on the internet, started searching for ways to make money online, and continued to learn everything he possibly could throughout the process. His persistence paid off and is why he has become who he is today, a successful business owner and mentor to others.

After starting the successful digital marketing agency at 16 years old and running it for the past 8 years, he’s now spending most of his time on Source Hacker, his latest business venture. The goal of Source Hacker is to help empower others and lead the way while assisting them to overcome obstacles through the Memory Flipping technique and the Human OS framework he came up with. With more than 2900 documented success stories from students, Szabo looks forward to helping more people with their personal development goals.

Sharing knowledge with others through coaching

In addition to his marketing agency, Peter Szabo is dedicated to changing peoples’ lives through Source Hacker.

“My agency allowed me to make money, help out my parents, but ultimately I was lacking a deeper meaning, purpose. What we do at Source Hacker with ‘memory flipping’ filled that gap,” Peter said. “It’s a business that provides not only income, but impact. It’s the perfect marriage of profits + passion.”

Peter provides educational courses and coaching centered around “memory flipping.” Changing the way people think about themselves, their past, and their goals addresses the real root cause of their problems – painful memories stemming from childhood. This is a mentality that Peter can relate to and one that he has worked his way out of. He says that this approach works rapidly and can start creating real changes in a person’s thought and behavior patterns within 30 minutes. Peter acknowledges that it may be hard to believe that someone in the coaching or marketing industry is genuine and wants to help, but he is relying on his actions speaking louder than words.

“I do genuinely believe the key to ‘making this Earth a better place’ is helping the individual get better. The sum total of people who love their lives is a world we love.” Peter said.

Since its launch, Source Hacker has helped thousands of people, with over 2900 of them leaving positive testimonials on the website. In the future, Peter aims to impact over 10,000 students in the next couple of years and help them transform their health, wealth, love, and happiness levels.

For more information on Peter Szabo and the services he offers,visit his website here.

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