Priyanka Chopra

‘You guys tell me, how do I do that with girls?’


A career of almost 20 years in cinema. Has been working in the United States since 2015. In particular, the ‘Quantico’ series can be said separately. Participated in franchises like ‘Matrix’. And whether she is being introduced in the name of her husband! Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has hit out at an online media.

A few days ago, Priyanka deleted the surname Jonas from her Instagram account. Then the question arose, but what is their separation! Discussions spread across the entertainment industry. It turned out that this was part of the whole campaign. Priyanka was shocked to find his name with Nick again.

Priyanka Chopra shared a screenshot of the media report on Instagram Story. In the promotional report of Priyanka’s film ‘The Matrix Reservations’, Priyanka’s name has been replaced with ‘Nick’s wife’. In the report, Priyanka made a statement about her co-star Keanu Reeves. That statement was given in the report not in the name of Priyanka Chopra, but in the name of Nick’s wife. So, highlighting that part, Priyanka wrote in her Instagram story, “It’s very interesting that I’m promoting one of the best iconic franchises of all time in Hollywood, whether I’m just Nick’s wife or not.”

Elaborating on another part of the report in the Instagram story, the actress wrote, “You tell me, how does it happen to girls even today? Should I include my own IMDB link with resume? Self-identification is not enough! ‘

One of the most talked about films of Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood career is ‘The Matrix Resurrections’. Apart from Priyanka Chopra, Kianu Reeves, Carrie Ann Moss, Yahya Abdul Matin and others have also acted in the film. Now the work of promoting the film is going on. The movie will be released on December 22 at the cinema hall and later on HBO Max. Matrix is ​​a successful Hollywood franchise. The Matrix began in 1999. Since then, two episodes have been released.

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