Kazi Saeed Hossain cannot be Dulal


Kazi Saeed Hossain cannot be Dulal. Kazi Saeed Hossain Dulal cannot be made. By no means. Kazi Saeed Hossain Dulal is a rare species of tree. Such a tree may have been born in North Bengal a long time ago. Dulal was his last sign. He had such a structure. The tree died today, suddenly. Sudden physical death. When mental death began, he was not the man to tell the news. If the feeling is alive, it can be felt.

When I think of Dulal, I think of Dahe as well as the tree. Once upon a time there was Daha on the banks of the river, the kingdom of Boal-Chital-Kalbaush. Another time, the river died, but it did not die. People say that the Boal-Chital-Kalbaushs have gone to the abyss pushing mud in the river show. Let him go, but the ten hung just like a living symbol. On the one hand, he does not allow the possibility of returning to the river to be removed from his mind, on the other hand, he burns in the fire all the sins of the people towards the river.

Danger. Kazi Saeed Hossain Dulal was also a danger in the predictions of the 21st century, which are shaping the future. When such a person comes in front of his eyes, it is as if an uneasiness is twisted in the innocent life of a good citizen, and a snake of strange nausea is swaying in his body and mind. However, it would be more unjust to say or think that Kazi Saeed Hossain Dulal was responsible for it. We have a ledger, Dulal did not have that. Dulal used to do what all of us should do after Bangladesh became independent. Without counting seven or five digits, with absolutely empty hands, he would make things happen out of love and passion. He chose drama as his field of work. Not a hair has moved from the goal of a lifetime. Only the surroundings have changed in the speed of the storm.

There is no reason to think, we are talking about any spiritual miracle of Saeed Hossain Dulal who is devoted to Maulana Bhasani in a positive manner. He was a little man, comparable to a tree or a fire. He was a junior employee of a government food warehouse by profession. But Sutibra’s eyes and heavy voice suddenly showed deep self-confidence. I have to think about the reason for that conviction.

Kazi Saeed Hossain Dulal was a central leader of Bangladesh Gram Theater, an affiliate of Dhaka Theater. It is, of course, a matter of thought. Because the center is far from Puthia. He and the policy makers will be able to say how this remarkable post out of the twenty posts of the Center was allotted to him. Considering this as a receipt, Durmukh would also agree that his long-term immersed and dedicated work was behind it.

However, it would be a mistake to say that this post or involvement is the main reason for his self-confidence. Wrong is the reason that in the age of cellphone-internet, even though it seems to be quite close to the center, some time ago the distance from the center to Puthia was half a day. Yet time could not separate him.

Carrying a small bag on his shoulder, he walked towards the center. Puthia doesn’t change much, his Puthia theater doesn’t change much, Even the annual folk drama festival organized by him. But as the center became cosmopolitan, so did the people there.

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