What is the verdict against Suu Kyi in the people's court

What is the verdict against Suu Kyi in the people’s court?


The junta is set to announce the verdict in one of the various cases filed against ousted Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi. A verdict in the provocation case against the army could be announced next Tuesday, the AFP news agency reported. Su Chir could face up to three years in prison if convicted in the case.

The military seized power in a bloody coup on February 1 this year. Top leaders of his party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), including Aung San Suu Kyi, were arrested. The trial began in June, four months after the army took him into custody. He has been charged with a number of offenses, including incitement to murder and violating state secrecy laws. If convicted, Suu Kyi could face up to several decades in prison.

It is expected that the verdict in the case of provocation will be given next Tuesday.

Analysts say the lawsuits are aimed at removing Suu Kyi from politics forever. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Analysts are not dispelling the fear of delay in announcing the verdict. “I’m pretty sure Suu Kyi will be severely punished,” said David Matheson, a human rights analyst. Now the question is how she will be kept in prison … will she be kept in prison with other ordinary women prisoners, or will she be kept in a state building reserved for special people? ‘

Suu Kyi’s trial is under way at a special military court in the capital, Nay Pyi Taw. Journalists are not allowed to enter there. Suu Kyi’s lawyers can’t even speak to the media.

Suu Kyi and other detained NLD members are also on trial. Earlier this month, a former minister was sentenced to 75 years in prison. A close associate of Suu Kyi has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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