Unionwell Switches – The Brand You Can Trust


Home machines without switches are unimaginable. We require them for fans, tube lights, bulbs, climate control systems and furthermore for telephone and PC charging attachments. Exactly the same thing applies to our workplaces and businesses as well. Switch controls the inflow of flow and stops them when we switch it off, in this way shutting the electrical circuit.

Introducing switches that is significant:

  1. are not difficult to introduce
  2. are pocket cordial
  3. have great command over the circuit
  4. are electric evidence and heat proof
  5. consume less power
  6. are covered under ensure

Careful exploration over the web is expected for that one brand that can meet every one of the previously mentioned places and not many spring up as the outcome. One among them is Unionwell switches. They have an encounter of over 25 years in creating custom switches for cars, machines, clinical field, gadgets, businesses and numerous others.


Unionwell is an organization situated in South China. They are experts in the assembling of assortments of switches. Referenced underneath are a portion of the switches created by them:

  1. Miniature SWITCH

These sorts of switches use force fastens that are exceptionally humble. It changes itself as per the progressions in its current circumstance. Uninonwell offers numerous decisions in actuators, for instance, paddle actuator, leaf actuator, roller actuator, to count a couple.

A few sorts of miniature switches presented by them are cherry, miniature flip, miniature breaking point, fundamental miniature, waterproof miniature, and so forth.

Utilizes: It is broadly utilized in home apparatuses, mining fields, ships and tanks, aviation, instrumentation and numerous different spots.


These are dependable switches and are favored in light of their roughness and simple establishment. They are principally utilized in apparatuses that require controlling the arrangement and furthermore helps in security interlocking of the machine. Sorts of cutoff switches produced by Unionwell are open breaking point, high cutoff, fan limit, vex limit.

Utilizes: It is utilized in coolers (the gentle light is seen when it is opened), clothes washers (to control the twist time) and numerous connected apparatuses.

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