Top 9 games with the highest rating in 2021


Video games attracted many gamers during the year 2021, especially with the tendency of many users to compete in games as a distinctive method for social communication at the time of prohibition. Some games have achieved the highest rating during this year, and in the next lines, we review the best games that scored the highest rating and downloads during 2021.


Animal Crossing is among the distinctive games that attract a large base of users, and with Animal Crossing: New Horizons the game provided more details that push players to compete for hours in the game. The gamer has different options, including catching rare bugs in Animal Crossing. This game also supports players in discovering many new details in the game as these subtle details support players with a distinctive experience in this version.


FALL GUYS takes a different direction and experience than the games launched in 2020, in which the traditional battlefield turns into a series of competitive competitions. The player will have to compete to get out and overcome many obstacles in the game, with the advantage of bright colours, funky graphics and controls that push you in Falling to achieve the game’s goal of entertaining players.

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Players of the new version of Final Fantasy VII Remake have confirmed that this edition comes with an amazing experience. It is the combination of the best features that were presented in the original version. Thus, bringing an immersive and exciting combat experience, with more accurate details about the character’s dimensions, a distinctive soundtrack, with successive events. It comes with a significant change that attracts many players.


GHOST OF TSUSHIMA combines many elements that support players with a distinctive experience in the game’s events. It includes a set of unique graphics for landscapes, with a fantastic soundtrack. The game also offers an exciting adventure in events with exciting combat confrontations, gigantic and enormous tools for Jin Sakai. In addition to the skills that support the player in facing enemies with better strength and performance.

The player can also have a different experience in sword fighting during the battles. This highlights the player’s strategic skill in facing a diverse group of enemies.


You may not find the opportunity to take your breath to understand the idea and dimensions of the game Hades. It is characterized by its ability to attract the player to engage in the events of the game from the first minutes. The player will have to hurry to escape from the Hell with fighting, historical events and some conversations that the player goes through in the latest game. With distinctive elements of graphics, sound, and fighting style, the player will return to try new weapons and reach a new game achievement.


Half-Life is one of the distinctive Xbox games. It also shines on computers. The game is incredible, with excellent audio performance, great focus on the smallest details, gravity gloves, and quick flicks of the wrist to fight with exciting and distinctive events.


The second part of the Last of US game comes with a distinctive experience that exceeds the players’ expectations. It brings many terrifying and mysterious events, along with violent combat events that push the player to compete and return to the game’s events again.


Spider-Man-Miles Morales launched a new distinctive experience with distinctive abilities and skills. This game comes up with a more in-depth narrative frame and Miles Morales’ character. The game stands out stronger in this version, with more interactive events in Harlem for Miles’ character with robust new superpowers for the superhero character.

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