The royal family is angry with the BBC documentary

The royal family is angry with the BBC documentary


Members of the British royal family have issued a joint statement criticizing a BBC documentary. It is rare for the media to make such statements about documentaries. The BBC documentary claims that Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Merkel, were responsible for managing the media before leaving the royal family.

The documentary, titled The Princess and the Press, discusses how Harry and his older brother William handled the media. The first episode of the two-part documentary aired on Monday night local time yesterday. It shows Prince Harry expressing a negative attitude towards the media. After starting dating American actress Megan in 2016, Megan’s critical publicity started getting worse.

The documentary further states that despite Harry-Megan’s popularity in the beginning, the people inside the palace have been the source of negative news in the media due to the power struggle inside the palace.

The release of the documentary angered Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and William. The BBC refused to show them before the documentary aired.
A joint statement from Buckingham Palace, Clearance House and Kensington Palace said a free and accountable newspaper was crucial to a healthy democracy. But often baseless and exaggerated claims are made from unknown sources and presented as information. But when someone else, including the BBC, gives it credibility, it’s frustrating.

The documentary also discusses Megan’s alleged harassment of palace workers. An interview with a lawyer has also been held there. However, he denied the allegations.

Buckingham Palace says they are investigating the allegations internally.
Harry and Megan gave up their royal lives last year, citing media harassment. Now they are living in the United States. The two are now vocal about various issues including spreading false information.

They have publicly criticized Britain’s royal family. There are also allegations of racism against an unnamed senior member.

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