Tips and tricks to improve visual brand strategy


Visual branding is the art and science of making your brand stand out from the crowd. Imagine walking into a grocery store, and all of a sudden, you can tell your favorite cereal by just looking at it. That kind of instant recognition is what visual branding is all about. It’s a combination of things like logos, colours, images, fonts, and more that make your brand stand out. It’s like putting a name to a brand.

In today’s world, consumers’ eyes are inundated with images. From billboards to social media graphics to packaging, it’s hard to keep up. Your brand needs to not only swim in the ocean of images, but it also needs to be able to do more than just swim in them. A strong visual branding strategy is essential for building trust, communicating values, and attracting those customers. In this article, we’ll break down the essential elements that make up a strong visual branding strategy, along with some tips and tricks.

Understand your brand

The identity of a brand is an essential part of any branding strategy. A well-defined brand identity allows you to communicate your brand personality, values and message to your audience. But what exactly is your brand identity?

Know your brand value

It’s important to define your brand values and create a unique personality. Your brand values are your company’s core values. They define how your business functions.

Brand personality is any human trait that aligns with your brand. It could be adventurous, classy, or simple. Whatever your brand personality is, it should show through your visual elements.

If your brand is playful, use bold and bright colors. If your brand is more serious, use muted tones.

The fonts you use should also match your brand personality. Modern and sleek fonts are great, but traditional and classic ones are also great.

Know your audience

Finally, you need to know who your audience is. When you were a kid picking out a birthday present for a friend, you probably wondered what they liked.

In the same way, knowing who your audience is is like choosing the perfect gift. This is why audience research is an essential first step in any brand strategy.

By understanding who your audience is, what they care about, and what drives them, you can create visual branding elements that better align with your target audience.

Consistent marketing

Consistency in building the visual identity of your brand helps to build brand awareness among your audience. This consistency across all channels, including your website and social media accounts, makes your brand easily recognizable and strengthens your messaging. Visit the websites of trusted digital marketing agencies to find out more about being consistent across channels, especially on your business website.

Logo design

Think of your logo as your brand’s signature. It’s often the first impression your target audience has and the first thing they associate with your company. A great logo conveys your brand’s values, personality and essence in one visual statement. It’s like a confident handshake that introduces your brand to a new audience.

The section of your style guide that contains the logo usage guidelines should include minimum size guidelines, color variations and placement guidelines.

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