The Australian bowlers want Payne as the wicketkeeper

The Australian bowlers want Payne as the wicketkeeper


What is written in the fate of Tim Payne এখন Australian cricket is now more talked about than the Ashes. Will Payne, who has stepped down from leading Australia’s Test team, be included in the squad for the Ashes series against England? The Australian off-spinner said he needed Payne’s faithful hands behind the wicket.

The Australian selectors have not yet selected a new captain for the Ashes. However, the name of fast bowler Pat Cummins is coming up in the Australian cricket arena. Cummins is not Payne’s replacement as captain, but the selectors will have to decide whether Payne will have a place in the team. Australia’s cricketing community is divided over Payne’s inclusion in the squad. Some feel that there is a need for pain in the team, while others are deciding not to include a controversial cricketer in the team.

When that happened, the Lions came forward to support Payne. “I want him in the team,” the Australian off-spinner said today. Because, at the moment, he is the best wicketkeeper in the world. ‘Lion did not stop there. Referring to the understanding of all the bowlers in the team with Payne, he added, “The selectors have always said that they choose the best XI. In my opinion, Tim Payne is the best keeper in the world. I want him in the team myself. ‘

Lion then added, ‘All the bowlers have a very good relationship with him. Tim Payne is a man dear to everyone. He is also respected in the dressing room. “Lion, who is just one wicket away from the 400-wicket milestone in Test cricket, then spoke as the team’s spokesman. He said that he has his support.

In November 2016, Payne sent obscene messages and pictures to a female Cricket Tasmania player. Cricket Tasmania and Cricket Australia also investigated the matter at the time. At the end of the investigation, they released Payne without any punishment. Cricket Australia did not seem to have broken the Payne Board’s code of conduct. But five years later, the issue has been reported in the Australian media. Payne called a press conference shortly after the incident and decided to step down.

Lion, however, praised Payne’s decision to step down, saying “Tim has made a mistake. He also admitted it. To be honest, it was a very brave decision for me to admit this mistake. “

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