Australian fast bowler Jos Hazlewood

Hazlewood shredded paper ‘rubbed’ Burmese army


The Burmese Army has a reputation both for its various activities at the stadium. Anagona did not catch the eye of the England supporters in the Brisbane Test. Corona’s day!

However, the Burmese army will not leave if they do not show their presence by stabbing the opponent or joking! In the first Test that ended in the Ashes, the Burmese Army had a good joke with Australian fast bowler Jos Hazlewood.

Australia took a 1-0 lead in the Ashes with a 9-wicket win on the fourth day in Brisbane today. England, who finished the third day at 220 for two, were bowled out for 296 in their second innings.

Joe Root’s team lost the last 6 wickets for 6 runs. The Australians may have some objections to the fact that Australia lost a wicket in the 20-run target. However, many Australian supporters on social media say that the Burmese army in Brisbane did not find much to break for England, so they followed Hazlewood.

What has the Burmese Army done? Hazlewood was giving autographs to spectators across the border in the delivery gap as England batted in the morning session. No cricketer has been able to mix with the spectators in that way last season due to corona restrictions.

This time the Australian pacer gave the spectators that opportunity as the restrictions were relaxed. Meanwhile, a member of the Burmese army asked him to sign a photo of Hazlewood. Hazlewood signed in a hurry. Not to be outdone by the Australian pacer, there was a text across the bottom of the picture.

Hazlewood signed the photo, but later posted the photo on the Burmese Army’s Twitter page. The piece of paper attached below the picture reads, “I swear to Joshua” Josie “Hazlewood, I knew it was glue paper.” Understood something?

In Australian cricket, the ‘syrup paper’ has been a name of terror for three years. Remember the Australian ‘Sandpapergate’ scandal in the Cape Town Test against South Africa in 2016?

David Warner, Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft were banned for ball tampering in that match. Bancroft was seen rubbing gelatin paper. But no charges have been framed against four Australian bowlers, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Joss Hazlewood and Nathan Lion.

The bowlers, however, claimed that they were not aware of the incident. “We are proud of our integrity,” the bowlers said in a statement on Stark’s website, proving their innocence to the Australians. But it’s a pity to hit it … something outside the field was inserted to change the condition of the ball, it was unknown to us before we saw it on the screen. ‘

But why leave the Burmese army? Ever-rival Australia!

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