South Africa is angry that Omicron has been identified as a scapegoat

South Africa is angry that Omicron has been identified as a scapegoat


South Africa has been hit by travel bans following the introduction of a new type of corona, Omicron. The country’s health ministry has called the hasty travel bans one country after another “unfair” and against World Health Organization (WHO) standards. News AFP.

South African Health Minister Joe Fala expressed his displeasure at a news conference on Friday. He also alleged that some leaders were looking for ‘scapegoats’. However, Joe Fala did not name anyone. Referring to the sanctions, he said, “We think some of the reactions are completely unreasonable.

Joe Falla said: “It simply came to our notice then. He added: “We feel that the leadership of some countries is looking for a scapegoat to tackle this problem globally.

A new type of corona was identified in South Africa last Tuesday.

In addition to South Africa, new species have been found in Bastoana, Israel, Hong Kong and Belgium. The United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe and the Arab world have imposed travel restrictions on South Africa.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has named a new type of corona, first identified in South Africa, ‘Omicron’. Describing the strain as “worrying”, the agency said the evidence against the new strain did not indicate that the epidemic was taking a turn for the worse.

The European Union (EU), an alliance of 28 European countries, has already temporarily banned flights to some countries in southern Africa. The alliance’s executive branch has proposed a permanent ban on flights with countries in the region until the European Commission clarifies the new type of coroner’s risk.

However, the World Health Organization has warned against a hasty travel ban due to concerns over the new type of corona. The agency said it could take a few more weeks to test the potential for changes in the new type of infection and the potential for physical complications.

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