Modern will make a ticker booster dose against the new type of corona

Modern will make a ticker booster dose against the new type of corona


Modern drug maker Modernna has announced the development of a ticker booster dose to combat the new type of corona. The announcement came from the company on Friday, local time. News AFP.

The new corona was first identified in South Africa last Thursday. In addition to the country, infected patients have been found in Bastoana, Israel, Hong Kong and Belgium. The World Health Organization (WHO) has named this new type ‘Omicron’. The agency described the situation as “worrying” after an emergency meeting on Friday.

Moderna says they are working on three ways to deal with the coronary omicron type. One of them is making booster dose of ticker. Besides, the conventional vaccine dose of the company is also being considered for high doses.

Stephen Bansell, CEO of Modern, said: We are working hard to find an effective way to deal with the type.

The World Health Organization (WHO), meanwhile, says the evidence suggests that the Corona epidemic may be taking a turn for the worse. There is a risk of re-infection of corona through Omicron.

After the introduction of new types of corona, different countries of the world have imposed new restrictions on travel. The European Union (EU) has imposed an emergency ban on flights from several countries in southern Africa. Soon after, the United States and Canada imposed similar sanctions. The United Kingdom has also imposed a temporary ban on flights from six African countries.

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