Six countries, including the United States, have called for an end to violence in Myanmar

Six countries, including the United States, have called for an end to violence in Myanmar


The United States and six allies have called for an end to all violence against Myanmar’s junta. The call was made last Friday amid fears of future violence in the country. In addition, the United States is pressuring other countries to cut off military aid to Yangon. This information has been given in the report of AFP.

“We reiterate our deep concern over reports of ongoing human rights abuses and torture by Myanmar’s security forces,” the joint statement said.

“We call on the international community to suspend all military cooperation and arms transfers to Myanmar’s military,” the statement said. It also called for the closure of any technical assistance in the country.

The statement said there were credible reports of sexual violence and abuse in the western Myanmar state of China, as well as in the Sagaing and Magway regions. The military has set fire to homes, churches and orphanages in the village of Thantlong in China.

According to the AFP news agency, seven countries have raised concerns against the junta over its stockpiling of weapons, shelling, airstrikes, use of heavy weapons and the gathering of hundreds of troops.

The statement added.

“The information provided by the UN Special Rapporteur raises serious concerns about future violence in the country. We urge the international community to work together to prevent future atrocities in Myanmar. ”

Last October, Washington condemned the heinous attack by the junta on the Chinese state. Then there was the issue of the destruction of 100 houses and the burning of churches and human rights violations.

Massive protests have erupted in Myanmar since the junta seized power on February 1, removing Suu Kyi’s government.

At least 1,300 civilians have been killed in anti-junta protests in Myanmar since February 1. More than 10,000 citizens have been arrested during this time. An organization called the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (APP) reported the information.

Meanwhile, a report in the UK’s The Guardian said that since Myanmar’s military junta seized power, there have been repeated attacks, forcing people to starve.

Myanmar’s special advisory council says junta forces have destroyed food supplies. Roads used for food and medicine are cut off. Killed cattle. Farmers are not allowed to harvest.

The Special Advisory Council includes experts who have previously worked for the United Nations in Myanmar. They say the international community should work with Myanmar’s alternative government, known as the National Unity Government (NUG).

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