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Reasons for not getting corona vaccine? No one in the family eats meat


Coronavirus has given a big push in the English Premier League again. The European continent is in turmoil due to the new type of antimicrobial shock, and its impact is evident in football across Europe. Why the English League will be left out! News of players being infected with the coronavirus at one club after another has led to the suspension of five league matches last week.

The importance of vaccination is being discussed again in such a situation. In the fight against the deadly virus, no alternative to ticker has yet come to the fore! In the discussion of vaccination, the players who want to be vaccinated or not are also being heard.

There are many reasons why people may not want to be vaccinated. However, this is probably the first time that it has been heard that the family will not take the corona vaccine as they are vegetarians.

The English Daily Mail is giving this news. The name of the specific player was not known. The Daily Mail did not say which club he belonged to. However, the player informed the doctors of the club about his decision. The doctors are also surprised that it goes without saying.

There is a lot of talk around the world about the coronavirus and the vaccines that work against it. Footballers in European leagues also have pros and cons. Uncertainty about the effectiveness of the corona vaccine and its long-term effects on the body after vaccination is the main reason for not wanting to be vaccinated. Ticker’s relationship with the family’s eating habits has never been heard of before.

According to the Daily Mail, many people who avoid meat are refraining from getting vaccinated on moral grounds. This is because the effectiveness of the vaccine is tested in a few steps before it is released on the market and applied to the human body. In two of these stages, research is carried out by vaccinating animals. These experiments, which put the lives of animals at risk, are the reason why vegetarians do not want to be vaccinated.

However, after not wanting to get vaccinated, strange reasons have been heard before. According to the Daily Mail, many players do not want to be vaccinated because their idea is that vaccination will have a negative effect on their sexual ability! A London club has learned that its Christian players do not want to be vaccinated because of their religious beliefs.

Reasons for not getting corona vaccine? No one in the family eats meat

In the midst of the Corona infection, where the need for vaccination has been repeatedly mentioned, the Premier League officials are annoyed that the players do not want to be vaccinated for these reasons.

Many studies on the coronavirus so far have shown that while the vaccine does not provide complete protection against infection and illness, the rate of corona transmission among vaccinated people is much lower. This means that it is important to get vaccinated to reduce the rate of corona infection. In addition, the rate of serious illness is greatly reduced by vaccination.

There are also examples in Europe of players who have become interested in getting vaccinated after the impact of not getting vaccinated. That, of course, is not the case in England. Joshua Kimich, the star of German club Bayern Munich, has long been skeptical of the long-term effects of the vaccine.

Kimikh has not been vaccinated for so long, knowing that he is a player and that he is too young to be seriously injured. But after Corona tested positive last month, she developed a lung infection. After recovering from there, Kimikh has now misunderstood. The German rightback said a few days ago that he is now interested in getting vaccinated.

The number of players in the English league who have not been vaccinated against Corona is not small. Last October, the Premier League reported that 6 per cent of players from 20 clubs had taken two doses of the vaccine by then. Following the spread of the corona’s amicron type, clubs now offer players a ‘booster dose’. But the club can no longer force the vaccine! That decision is in the hands of the players.

UK sports cardiologist Professor Sanjay Sharma said this week that if 100 per cent of Premier League players do not get two doses of the vaccine, the corona infection will increase, in which case the Premier League could be suspended again in the face of this new wave of corona. The league was suspended for about three months in March last year due to a corona infection.

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