Rapid Development Of Galaxy Media

Rapid Development Of Galaxy Media In The Global Market


Since the global Internet entered the 2.0 era, flow economy has become a new hot spot in the global Internet economy by virtue of its information industry attributes and numerous communication platforms. In the era of Internet 2.0, “flow takes all”. Flow is money, is value, is the way to win. Enterprises need flow to promote products, e-commerce and we-media also need flow, which is the essence of all businesses in the network context. As a new economic form, flow economy is a kind of attention economy that contains all kinds of bottom needs of users. Behind flow economy is the improvement of information transmission efficiency driven by Internet technology iteration. Flow economy will realize Matthew effect and make the strong stronger. 

In this context, many companies and institutions with flow marketing as the main business begin to rise, but the market is filled with clutter and offers services of varying quality. Galaxy Media began to observemarket demands and actually entered the market in 2019 to investigate the models of other companies, only to find that most of the existing flow marketing companies did not provide standard contracts and effective contracts supporting the long-term mutual growth of both sides. The market was full of such inferior and questionable flow companies, and the emergence of Galaxy Media will drive out these inferior and hypocritical companies. After 11 months of discussions with major manufacturers and third-party brand image companies, Galaxy Media finally designed a complete flow marketing system. 

On the Galaxy Media platform, many tasks are published daily, all of which are assigned by bloggers and merchants. All Galaxy Media users have the right to participate in bloggers’ or merchants’ tasks to provide them with real and valid flow and earn commissions. The whole process forms a perfect closed-loop ecology. 

Relying on this system, Galaxy Media has quickly become the leader in the industry with high returns and stable and clear upgrade mechanism. The followings arebrilliants achievements Galaxy Media has made in the past three years since its establishment: 

In July 2019, Galaxy Media was founded with the launch of a new online working platform in Malaysia. The upgraded platform will keep the name Galaxy Media.

In September 2020, the number of online employees of Galaxy Media exceeded 10,000, reaching the phased target. 

In November 2020, Galaxy Media signed multi-party cooperation agreements with several well-known live streamers on Facebook to meet the needs of a large number of users. 

In April 2021, Galaxy Media had 60,000 subscribers and 20,000 online users simultaneously. 

In June 2021, Galaxy Media launched a branch profitability plan to help expand the legitimacy of diverse market demands and realities. 

In August 2021, the number of merchants cooperating with Galaxy Media has grown to 30,000, with more than 5,000 maintaining stable cooperation with Galaxy Media.

In December 2021, Galaxy Media opened new offices worldwide to develop local markets in different language areas. 

In March 2022, after nearly 17 months of preparation, Galaxy Media conducted extensive cooperation with well-known bloggers on four global platforms and media merchants in new markets. 

At present, Galaxy Media has occupied more than 50% of the market share of flow marketing, becoming the top international enterprise in the global flow economy. With the advent of new Internet forms such as web3.0 and metaverse, Galaxy Media will constantly improve its business model and business system to keep pace with the times, and maintain its leading position in the Internet marketing market.

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