Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches: Ukrainian Superstar Musician Max Barskih Shares His Story on the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast


Rags to riches stories are always inspiring.Everybody loves to see an underdog succeed.Not everybody has fame and fortune handed to them in life but seeing people who come from nothing find ways to succeed can help to inspire hope within those who were not born into wealth.One musician from Ukraine has shared his story of growing up without money before rising to fame and eventually becoming the most played artist in Ukraine, Russia, and eight other post-soviet countries.Max Barskih, a Ukrainian international superstar, has been interviewed by Kentaro Roy on the latest episode of the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast. The Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast is an educational show founded by marketing expert and businessman Kentaro Roy, featuring interviews with self-made millionaires and entrepreneurs, along with priceless information about investing and navigating the business world. During the podcast interview with Kentaro, the musician Barskih revealed the challenges he faced in his career and explained how he persevered to overcome these obstacles.

“It was an honor to sit down with such a talented guest on the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast.Max Barskih provided so much insight into the struggles he faced as an upcoming artist and how important it is to stay committed to one’s dreams, no matter what obstacles arise,”said Kentaro Roy, the host of the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast. “Barskih started out with nothing, and his passion for music has led him to become the most played artist in ten post-soviet countries. His story can serve as motivation for musicians and self-starters everywhere—no matter what their background is. People really have the power to transform their lives if they set their minds to it,” Kentaro continued. “This podcast focuses on millionaires and entrepreneurs who are self-made, and Barskih’s inspirational rags to riches story falls right in line with what our listeners are looking for.I can only hope that the stories of Barskih and the other guests of my podcasts can serve as a source of encouragement for everyday people who are interested in growing their wealth.”

The Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast is on a mission to make the decision-making process of successful bootstrapped entrepreneurs accessible to everyday people.By choosing to only focus on entrepreneurs and millionaires who are self-made, Kentaro’s podcast is able to gather invaluable knowledge about how to navigate the world of investing and business when starting from nothing.The educational podcast shares real stories from real people to serve as a source of motivation for entrepreneurs and investors who are early on in their careers. The latest episode of the podcast featuring Ukrainian musician Max Barskih will explore the failures and successes of this superstar’s thriving career in order to shed light on the reality of growing one’s career. Barskih and Kentaro explore the ways dedication and hard work can pay off when one sets their mind to it. 

To listen to the episode of the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcastfeaturing Max Barskih, visit https://open.spotify.com/show/7uf3scECbujtG6QW9Y44FI. To learn more about Kentaro Roy and the Bitcoin Renaissance Podcast, visit www.kentaro.com.

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