Educating Cuba – Why The UK Should Look To The Caribbean For Educational Inspiration


Sunday april tenth saw the once a year assembly of the countrywide union of teachers. Amidst british delegates complaining of deceptive sats, massive elegance sizes and low pay (leading to a demand for a ten percentage or £three,000 rate increase) – a teacher from cuba stated the training gadget in her homeland, and provided a glimmer of wish to the ones who’ve all but given up on labour’s mantra: ‘schooling training training.’ so what have the cuban authorities finished so nicely? As mentioned by using humans’s weekly international, lissette rubio mederos spoke fondly of the cuban system and highlighted the progress that has been crafted from 1959 whilst 25 percent of cubans had been illiterate, as compared to the 0. 2 percentage these days and a national education device that the united countries ‘rates as one of the first-class inside the global.’ since the revolution, ninety nine percentage of kids now attend obligatory training to secondary level which is free, and in the process private education has been absolutely eradicated. But it isn’t simply number one and secondary education that cuba has apparently reinvented during the last 50 years, part of the fulfillment of the united states of america’s training machine comes from the progression of their better and adult schooling – and its integration into the community.

In 1959 there had been simply three universities in a rustic this is simply 8,000 square miles smaller than england, but these days there are greater than 45 with one located in every province. Additionally, cuba is also home to numerous clean get admission to training and degree schemes which includes the college for all programme that is allotted via tv, and the university for the aged – a network-based group mainly for oaps. A colleague of mederos’s, anna fuertes, additionally identified that one of the places the cuban education system appears to surpass others is in the way schooling is considered a responsibility of the community rather than the schools themselves. For that reason, the latin american college of drugs may be seen as a pioneering organization for supplying 1,500 unfastened scholarships a yr to students in latin america, the caribbean, africa and north the united states; it have to also be referred to that this institution was installed in 1998 whilst the notion of open content is simplest just starting to be discussed within the uk in 2009. The concept of unfastened training and running past borders turned into reiterated in a paper written via dr. Elvira martin sabhina entitled, better schooling in cuba inside the 2000s: beyond and destiny. No matter being written in 2003, the closing announcement nonetheless appears relevant and forward wondering, and goes some way to summing up wherein other education systems can examine from cuba – sabhina writes, “cuba is willing to percentage its enjoy and to analyze from others. The project is honestly defined. The solution awaits for the latin american and caribbean university community to enroll in efforts and political will, minds and souls to attain the ones high expectancies.”

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