Money and drugs are now being used to decorate ‘Christmas trees’


People of the Christian community decorate a colorful Christmas tree at Christmas. However, no one thought that he would have to go to jail for this. However, this is what happened in the United Kingdom. A man from the country named Marvin Porcelli decorated the Christmas tree for Christmas. Now the picture of that Christmas tree is being used to prove the crime against him.

However, Marvin did not arrange the Christmas tree in such a way. His decorated Christmas tree contained small packets of money and drugs. He later posted a picture of it on his mobile phone. Marvin is now in prison. That picture of the Christmas tree is now being used as evidence against him in a drug case.

According to a report in Indian media NDTV, Marvin’s home is in the town of Merseyside in the north-west of the United Kingdom. City police tweeted that Marvin was a drug dealer by profession. He was arrested in connection with a large-scale operation called ‘Operation Overboard’.

The British police hope that the interrogation will provide important information from Marvin about drug trafficking and the ring involved in this business. Police have added a picture of a Christmas tree decorated with small packets of money and drugs on Twitter.

In another tweet, UK police said eight people, including Marvin, had been arrested in connection with an organized drug ring. Police seized drugs worth 1.3 million euros at the time. If convicted, the accused could face up to 69 years in prison.

Marvin was arrested in Liverpool in March, according to the Daily Mail, citing police. About one kg of cocaine was seized from him at that time. Its market value is about 36 thousand pounds. A few weeks later, police raided Marvin’s home and seized drugs and a few cell phones. Police found a picture of a Christmas tree decorated with drugs and money on one of the mobile phones.

After more than six months, Corona’s ban is returning to Kolkata. From Monday, step by step restrictions will have to be obeyed on the streets. The West Bengal government lifted the ban as concerns over a new type of corona increased amid concerns.

Under the new restrictions, ‘curfew’ will start in Kolkata from Monday as before. It is not allowed to go out on the road from 10 pm to 5 am without any specific reason and permission, the train will be closed after 7 pm.

All educational institutions in the state, including schools, colleges and universities, will be closed indefinitely from Monday. Half of the staff can be present in all public and private offices. All types of administrative meetings have to be done virtually.

The state government gave these instructions on Sunday. As per the instructions, Kolkata Metrorail will be able to take half of the passengers. No more than 50 people can be invited to any social event. Swimming pools, saloons, beauty parlors, gyms, parks, zoos, etc. will be closed.

Restrictions were relaxed in West Bengal, including Kolkata, to reduce coronary infections. In the last few months, the financial condition of the people has improved a bit due to various festivals. People will have to fall into a bad situation again as the restrictions have started anew. The government has said it will try to keep such restrictions to a minimum.

The latest health report from the West Bengal state government on Saturday identified 4,512 cases of corona infection. It has also been reported that 20 people have been identified in the state.

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