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An Essential Guide To Using Clip-Ins With Thin Hair


Not everyone has luscious, voluminous locks that they can style in any way. Those with thin, fine hair find it impossible to zero in on a flattering haircut that goes well with all outfits or occasions. Also, fine hair tends to become thinner over the years, eliminating the chance of ever enjoying fuller, bouncy locks for many.

Fortunately, folks with this issue can choose the best clip in hair extensions and enjoy a head full of shiny hair. These wefts blend effortlessly with natural hair, making it nearly impossible for anyone to discern them on the head.

If you wish to invest in wigs to help you overcome your delicate hair troubles, consider the following information to know more about them. You will become an expert at using these fantastic accessories in no time.

Consider Seamless Extensions

Seamless hair pieces have been soaring in popularity since they hit the global wigs market a while back. Scores of women are now investing in these practically undetectable wigs due to the convenience, comfort, and ergonomic use they offer.

But what exactly are they?

In simple terms, seamless wefts incorporate a silicone band at the very top of the wig instead of the traditional sewn-in lace or fabric pieces. High-quality clips are hand-sewn into these bands that enable the wefts to be quickly clipped to the natural hair of the users.

The most prominent benefit of this thinner, lighter silicone backing is it becomes indistinguishable from the natural locks it is clipped to. This is an incredible boon to women with extremely fine hair.

Mistakes to Avoid

Those using clip-ins for the first time may make a couple of typical, seemingly harmless mistakes that can cost them heavily in the long run. So, before you even begin, look at the following list of some widespread blunders to watch out for.

  • Placing them too high – Women with thin hair naturally have most of their tresses toward the nape of their necks. If they set the wefts too high up, they can become evident, making the whole look unappealing.
  • Wigs installed in freshly washed hair – One of the greatest mistakes you can make with clip-in wefts is to try using them on squeaky clean hair. They will not hold well, and you will end up with a bunch of broken strands. Instead, try using a serum that can provide enough texture for the clips to grip better.
  • Clips clinging to the scalp – There is no rule that you should clip the extensions as near to the hair roots as possible for the artificial hair to be indiscernible. On the contrary, it might cause hair breakage and damage the scalp, leaving you with an unpleasant soreness. Instead, you should position the wigs a little further away from the roots, enabling them free movement and taking the pressure off your scalp.
  • Using excess wefts – No two people need the same amount of artificial locks to improve their look. But most women with fine hair make the terrible mistake of using too many of them, with the excess amount of hair causing them pain and discomfort. The trick is to choose a number that is comfortable for you and more than enough to complement your natural hair.

Most Popular Styles

You can browse an endless list of exciting options online for the most suitable clip-ins for fine tresses. These locks are available in a riot of colors ranging from lively shades of burgundy and red to elegant blonde variants and an intense, deep black. You can also consider tones of brown that blend beautifully with your natural locks.

Some popular styles you can consider are:

  • Bouncy and voluminous – Whether you have short or long hair, these features can add a lively bounce to your look, making your overall persona highly appealing. 
  • Wavy tresses – These are especially suitable for those who wish to have long, wavy locks that go well with formal wear or special occasions.
  • Poker straight look – Straight hair never goes out of style, and these seamless wefts can help women with fine hair achieve that look with incredible ease.

Buying From a Reputable Vendor

If you desire the best clip in hair extensions to improve your look, you should purchase them from a reputable online retailer. Look for a reputable store that has a vast catalog of products, makes their wefts using top-quality Remy human hair, and offers color matching services to first-time extension users. Ensure the seller you are dealing with has certified experts who can guide you through the care routine of your wigs, how to wear them correctly, and track the latest designs.

Also, enquire about their delivery services and check if they provide express shipping to specific locations. This way, you can purchase the best products from the best store while shopping from the comfort of your home.

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