Laptop Buying Guide For Beginners


Buying a laptop is a tough job, especially when you’re looking for a reasonable laptop with a tight budget because it’s really hard to find the best cheap laptops. The reason is that if you have some extra bucks that you can invest then surely, you can buy a durable and the best gadget, but when you don’t have money to buy a luxury product then surely it’s far better to spend time learning it.

Let’s say you are looking for a gaming laptop then you can choose to buy an ASUS product and it will work great. But if with a tight budget it’s hard to understand.

There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind before deciding which laptop you should buy, and we shall explore all of them.

Things to consider to buy a laptop.

If you acquaint well with the specifications of a gadget, you can make a better decision. Let’s say you know what’s the role of RAM, Memory and graphics cards; then you can make a better decision to buy the right computer.

Let’s dig in to acquaint ourselves with the specs of a gadget.


When discussing display, we speak about screen size, resolution, and graphics card used.

The display weights well in your performance. When your purpose of buying that laptop is relevant to display, there can be many jobs that are totally relevant to display clarity. For example, if you do photo or video editing or play games, then high pixels and reasonable screen size are important.

You focus more on GPU than CPU for gaming laptops because you understand that your GPU will let you play great games. That’s why you prefer buying a computer with a dedicated graphics card instead of using an integrated graphics card. Integrated graphics cards can only be used for light gaming.


Random-access memory has a great significance in the functioning of a gadget. You can say that your RAM plays the role of a carrier to provide you with output. Once you give some instructions, then RAM will carry that information, provide it to the right section of the gadget, and get an output.

Let’s say you insert multiple jobs at a time; you open a dozen tabs on your browser, a dozen files or similarly anything that you do on your gadget, then RAM will carry all the instructions at a time and try to provide you a result on time.

Here the size of RAM matters, if you have a RAM with higher memory, it will work faster, and RAM with small size will take time to get you results.

For your better understanding, a RAM of 2GB will take more time to open two dozen tabs, than an 8GB RAM. As the higher as, the better.

And now RAMs have many types these days; some RAMs are faster than old fashions RAMs. For example, DDR4 SDRAM is faster than regular RAM of the same size.

So if you want to buy a laptop for multitasking, it’s far better to get a computer with higher RAM and preferably with an advanced type.


The storage of a gadget is used to store the data. As the higher the storage is, the more the data you can install on it. You have a computer with 64GB storage then you can only store a few photos, videos, and install a few applications. But when you have a computer with 512GB, you can add far more data.

So it totally depends on what you’re going to do with that computer, if your job is to keep more and more data on your laptop, it’s better to get a gadget with higher storage.

Now storage is also of two types; one is the old fashioned hard drive, HDD and the new one if solid-state drive, SSD. If you need a quick presentation of the data available on your laptop, it’s better to get with SSD type.

Some laptops use both types on a single gadget so that you could store your least used data on HDD. For example, check this MSI GL62M 7REX Review – a gaming laptop – which has  8GB DRAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB Hard Drive.


Keyboards and touchpads also have significance in the performance. Some laptops have hard keys, and some have very soft keys. You enjoy working on keyboards with soft keys.

The other important thing is the spacing between the keys. Sometimes some gadgets have very close keys, and you can’t hit keys appropriately and easily – that sucks.

So it’s better to buy a laptop with great keyboards. Some laptops have a backlighting option that helps you work at night.

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