Kitchen Design Denver according to various Kitchen types


Kitchen types depend on the construction and area of your house. The layouts, though vary from house to house, are divided on some basic categories depending upon the similarities they share. The kitchen design Denver also differs according to these layouts. Some of the types are discussed here: 

Type 1: Kitchen in a linear form (space effective) 

This type usually has the whole structure of the kitchen along with one wall. This main wall supports all the cabinets which are in the baseline of the kitchen. The three main entities which are considered to be a kitchen’s golden triangle are; refrigerator, washing sink and the oven (stove). These must be at such accuracy that the distance between them is equal and accessing them is easy and convenient. So, for this type of layout the deigning should be done in such a way that the distance should be no longer than 10-11 feet between them. Because of the space efficiency, this design is better for small homes, such as the studio ones. 

Type 2: Kitchen in L shape: 

Among the many types of a kitchen, this one is most common and found in Asian homes. However, this layout can also be used in kitchen design Denver. The houses with less space work best with this type. Because of being spacious, this type makes use of a big counter making the process of cooking easy and free of mess and clean work enhances the productivity also. In this type, the designing is done in a way that the golden trio remains in proximity and makes it easy for the home-cook to get access to these as they don’t have to walk too much. This type works with houses with large families but with less space for a kitchen. 

Type 3: Kitchen with parallel counters:

This type is suitable for houses with ample space such as villas. The kitchen design of this type is also very productive for the cooks. There are two counters in front of each other, the duo extends to the cabinets, oven, stove etc. Because of having more space, the trio can also be far from each other making the kitchen look spacious and flawless. A window can also be added on the wall between two parallel counters for a better look. 

Type 4: The Island one: 

This type includes a multi-purpose counter and is designed for homes which allow enough movement. This is the most trending design for newly built homes with contemporary kitchen styles. This type suits best to the families who have guests over often and have many children.

Type 5: Kitchen with U shape:

If the space required for counters is more than that of galley kitchens, this type is the solution. When the storage space is more and the family size is also large, it is ideal to go with U-shaped kitchens. These kitchens can have more than two sets of cabinets and more room for kitchen aesthetics. The kitchen design Denver for these kitchens can be more fruitful when it comes to satisfying the ambiance, aesthetics and matching theme with that of the house. 

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