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5 Festive Saree Trends to Look Out for in 2022


Sarees are undoubtedly the first love of every Indian women. Each decade fashion is getting trendier and revolutionized, and there are new ways to drape sarees as well. The traditional ways of draping sarees are modernised with new draping styles and blouse designs. The Indo-western style of draping sarees are widely in fashion today. Now, you drape a saree teaming it up with crop tops, kaftans, peplum tops, corsets and many more. This festive season you can create a glam look with sarees that are both traditional and trendy according to your comfort zone. Staying in style with a saree is an easy affair as it ever goes out of fashion. It always feels different when you experiment with your look. At some point in our lives, we all have experimented with our sarees for creating a style statement.

Undoubtedly, your first saree is never your own. You borrow it from your mom or grand mom. Sometimes from very close female relatives. But the perk of living in a digital world is that you don’t need to physically hop shops to get your desired saree. You can own your collection by buying sarees from online boutiques. There is an array of boutique sarees in Kolkata for you to choose from. So, let’s not delay further and check out sarees that will amp up your fashion game this festive season.

5 Sarees to Stay in Style This Festive Season:

From traditional cotton sarees to forever fashionable silk; from conventional hand batik to trendy Tie and Dye; from handwoven to embroidery, you have a vast collection range to choose from while picking up a six-yard. Sarees have an emotional and sentimental value in our lives. Each time when festivals are right at the corner, you spend a lot of time on your wardrobe, choosing and deciding your look. This year is no different. However, here are five sarees that you can choose from for your festival look. We have picked the sarees that have created a haul in a Kolkata saree boutique online

The Traditional Laal Paar:

White sarees with a red border is a pretty common saree that women wear especially in Bengali festivals. This year, you pick a Laal Paar, not just with a white base. You have multiple choices to pick from – A brown base with a red border, a mustard base with a red border. The fabric too is no more just Bengal Soft Cotton. You can choose from Dhonekhali Taant to Begumpur Cotton. Conventionally, Bengali moms wore Laal Paar with a red blouse. Since you have an array of choices, you can choose a contrasting blouse. Team up your six-yard Laal Paar Dhonekhali Taant with a collared blouse for a morning festive look. Side part your hair and keep it open with very light makeup and jewelry.

Comfy Mul Cotton Saree:

You can vouch for mul cotton saree as the show stopper this year. The comfortable fabric comes with vibrant colours and designs that essentially suit your aura and match your persona. Light-bordered mul cotton sarees create a lot of buzz everywhere. For a simple look, choose a matching sleeveless blouse, tie your hair in a soft messy bun or loose braid, and wear light oxidized jewelry. Pro tip – never miss a small black Bindi. To rave the look, pair your mul cotton with a corset or an off-shoulder top of contrasting colour. Set a wet hair look or tie your hair in a low tight ponytail; accessorize your look with a heavy earring or neckpiece and/or keep your lips bright or your eyes smokey.

Colorful Tie and Dye Saree:

Tie and Dye are back in fashion and not just in street style. You can pick some beautiful tie and dye sarees from Dora By Phoenix, a Kolkata saree boutique online. They have launched their festive collection with a beautiful Begumpur tie and dye saree collection. The amazing colour play on tie and dye is to die for. Keep your look simple and let the saree be the center of attention. Let your accessories not be very loud and wear minimum makeup. Enjoy the essence of spontaneity with this saree. 

Artistic Hand Batik Silk Saree:

Hand batik is a popular design on sarees that most women love. Not to mention the love that women have for silk. Combining the two, you get a saree you can’t miss. This fashionable saree should and must always be draped especially. Choose the correct accessories – it can be as basic as a gorgeous watch on the wrist, to bright bangles. Pro-tip, choose one piece of jewelry. If you wear heavy earrings just team it up with a watch. If you are a fan of bangles and/or bracelets, wear simple earrings. Choose a plain blouse with minimal design to let the saree stand out. Crop tops are a great option.

Intricate Silk Saree:

The love for silk sarees is unmatched for women across the globe. The purity of silk is that the fabric is easy to drape and smooth to carry. The magic of silk is, that you can pair it up with everything. For a super chic look, you can drape your silk in a pant style. Add an oomph factor to your saree by teaming it up with a fashionable jacket or a broad belt. You can easily avail raw silk sarees online in several online stores

So, this festive season, choose sarees to stay fashionable. You can choose from a wide range of sarees available online. Women and designers have chosen these five as the best festive peaks this year.

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