Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying a 24 inch TV


With a myriad of new developments in television technology, choosing the best model in terms of budget, features and preference has become a complicated task. Usually, high end TVs with wide screens and an adequate blend of superior specifications makes the audio-visual experience pleasant and enthralling.

However, the choice may become difficult for individuals who are planning to buy a 24 inch LED TV. This is because the most updated features and display technologies cannot be effectively implemented in models with smaller screen dimensions. 

Nonetheless, units from the best brands are curated with optimised screen resolutions and pixel density that offer clarity and adequate colour composition even within the small screen. Following are some significant aspects to check when it comes to buying a 24-inch TV.

4 Important aspects to check while buying a 24 Inch LED TV

Screen resolution

If an individual is opting for a 24 inch TV, it is always better to check the screen resolution or pixel density. An efficient model must feature a pixel density of at least 1080×1920 to enhance the colour density and also excel in aspects like contrast, colour saturation and others.

HD Ready, Full HD

Always ensure that the 24 inches LED TV at least features an HD Ready display. It is, however, recommended to opt for models that offer Full HD screens. 

Full HD offers better sharpness and ensures that the images are crisp and clear. Further, Full HD is the common resolution of BluRay format, which is required to stream most of the online OTT platform content. 

HDMI port and USB port

It is extremely crucial to ensure that the TV has HDMI ports. Currently, most devices like gaming consoles, BluRay players, and streaming dongles use HDMI port to connect to televisions. Individuals should always opt for a model with at least 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB port options to ensure better connectivity in the long run.

Audio output

Most slim TVs feature 10-watt dual speakers that do not offer satisfactory clarity in the sound. It is thus better to invest in units that have SPDIF/coaxial audio output to support multichannel audio connectivity

Ideally Sony, LG or Samsung LED 24 inch TV price is extremely budget-friendly. However, buyers can also strike a better deal by making their purchase from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Store. Using the EMI network card in these partner stores, individuals can avail no-cost EMIs with almost zero documentation. Furthermore, the purchased product from EMI network store will be assuredly delivered within a day. 

Technologies and upgraded specifications are core to buying electronic products these days. The options definitely become limited when you look for low-budget products. Hence customers who are planning to buy 24 inches LED TV must make an informed decision. 

It is wise to undertake detailed research about products of only the best brands in the market. This will help buyers to analyse adequately and compare the features between the best models of leading brands and thereby strike the most lucrative deal with their purchase.

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