How much does it cost to do payroll with QuickBooks


Costing to do payroll with QuickBooks

The payroll process seems like a piece of cake when it’s you at the receiving end. After all, who doesn’t like to collect a paycheck deposit after a week full of hard work? However, it’s not that simple for the employer.

It’s such an apprehension to prepare a payroll, meanwhile also making sure your company is consistent with the payroll taxes. This also includes the systematic recording of all your employee’s tax information and staying ahead of all of the paydays. Thanks to accounting software programs like QuickBooks Services that are embedded with stupendous payroll features, thereby providing a plethora of resources that are rather handy in teaching you how payroll works and what your payroll obligations are.

QuickBooks Payroll Plans and Planning 

In case you are already looking into purchasing QuickBooks Payroll, then QuickBooks Desktop is here for the rescue. It offers three payroll plans: Basic, Enhanced, Assisted. The options are different from each other in terms of features, automation, and price.

Moreover, all the QuickBooks Desktop payroll options are companionable with QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Premier, and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Not to mention that the Gold or the Platinum versions of QuickBooks Enterprise already come with a payroll subscription. More importantly, QuickBooks hosting providers can install the solutions on Microsoft Azure VDI.

Learning all about the three payroll plans-


QuickBooks Basic Payroll costs $20.30/month + $2/month per employee (Intuit often offers a discount for QuickBooks payroll). This one, like the name says, is the smallest plan of all. However, it does help you in easily processing the payment for your employees by check or direct deposit.

Basic payroll has the following features within itself-

  • Quick pay checks 
  • Payment of W-2 employees
  • Allows you to pay 1099 staffs
  • Free direct deposit 
  • Payroll support 

However, like anything else in the world, Basic payroll also comes with a drawback- it does not include any of your payroll tax forms. This means that you will have to buy tax forms separately and file them on your own.


QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll costs $45/month +$2/month per employee (Intuit often offers a discount for QuickBooks payroll). This one’s a DIY payroll option. Enhanced payroll allows you to process your payroll and file your taxes directly through QuickBooks.

Following are its features-

  • Speedy pay checks 
  • Allows payment of W-2 staffs
  • You can pay 1099 employees
  • Free direct deposit 
  • E-filing for W-2’s
  • Free tax forms
  • Payroll support 


QuickBooks Assisted Payroll charges $109/month along with $2/month per employee (Intuit often offers a discount for Quickbooks payroll). As the name suggests, this plan generates your payroll for you and ingeniously files your payroll taxes. QuickBooks Desktop Assisted even takes care of the payroll set up for you.

Following are its amazing features-

  • Instant paychecks
  • Payment of W-2 employees
  • Allows you to pay 1099 employees
  • Free direct deposit
  • Involuntary tax filing
  • Free tax forms
  • Nil tax penalties
  • Free year-end forms
  • Automatic payroll setup
  • Payroll support

All you gotta do is take this plan, to ensure your employee’s hours getting entered into QuickBooks. In short, relax and watch the work getting done for you!

Which QuickBooks Payroll Option Fits Best for You?

Choosing the best QuickBooks Desktop Payroll plan can be a bit intimidating. Not to mention that your budget matters a lot here. Also, the fact that you are willing to do some of the work personally or not. 

Given below are well-curated comparisons for you, giving you a clear idea of the best payroll option for you-

  • If you are capable of running payroll and filing taxes yourself, then the Basic or Enhanced plan might be best. 
  • If you aren’t capable of running payroll yourself or can’t spare enough time to do the same, then the Assisted plan might be a better choice.
  • Ensure to keep a check of your budget and see for yourself which payroll plan fits your budget. 
  • In case you have a small start-up with a limited amount of money to spare, then you will have to stick with the Basic plan and invest time into learning how to run payroll. 

If such is the case for you, then don’t think too much, just scroll through and keep knowing more! 

Where to buy QuickBooks Payroll from?

Given below are some ways to buy QuickBooks Desktop Payroll: on Intuit’s site or through one of QuickBooks’ resellers.

  1. Office supply stores, like Staples or OfficeMax, often sell the software. 
  2. Walmart, Best Buy and even big players like Amazon are the consumers of and QuickBooks Payroll software. 

In case you are one who uses QuickBooks Initiative Gold or Platinum, then your subscriptions for QuickBooks will come with payroll support.

Final Opinions

Well, now that you know how each payroll plan looks like, you can very well decide which plan is the best for you. If you still feel a sense of doubt, then try the free subscriptions for each. Hope to have helped in some way or the other!

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