Compress Photos for Email

How to Compress Photos for Email?


It has been observed that sometimes a user gets stuck in a hard situation while sending an Email to someone due to the heavy size of images or the attached files. On this note, there comes a need to compress photo size immediately. After compressing photos, every user can comfortably add the small size images in email and can share them with anyone without any trouble. 

Most people spend a lot of time and effort getting to know how they can reduce image size before sending emails. They search for multiple ways but can’t find any suitable one. Most of the users feel discouraged at this moment. Just in case you are one of those who does not know how to compress photos for email, then you do not need to worry at all! 

This piece of writing will give you a clear guideline about the ways to compress photo sizes easily. Moreover, you will get a list of tools that can be used in this manner. We have gathered up a number of online image compressors for you. These photo compressors have the ability to compress images for email and other purposes as well.

Ways to Compress Photos for Email

We all know well that technology has made our lives more comfortable and relaxed. Now we can perform every single task with the help of the internet. Today every person has no need to make them pressurize if they are in need to compress photos for emails. Listed below are a few ways that can reduce the size of an image according to somebody’s need. Every user is free to make a choice of a way that suits them the best for image compression. 

Therefore, in this guide, we tried to mention a few comfortable and most useful ways that support every single being in decreasing the size of images before sending an email to someone. 

So, let’s begin with putting a look at some ways of image compression:


WinRAR is a Windows software program. This is one of the easiest and most useful ways that help users in reducing image sizes. If somebody needs to send an email and is not able to send it because of the large size images, then they must go this way. Having this program on systems, everyone can decrease the size of any image for email. The WinRAR is a proficient software program that performs multiple tasks. The most highlighting among all is that the WinRAR can make image compressions in a couple of seconds. A user only needs to tap a few clicks, and the resized images will instantly appear on the screens. Therefore, we all can agree that using WinRAR is the most suitable way to compress photo sizes. 


The other simplest way to reduce the size of an image is Zipping. It is used as the most beneficial way to compress a photo before emailing it or sending it to anyone for some other purpose. The 7-Zip software program has one of the amazing features of compressing image size easily and fastly. In fact, it is noticed that this way is the best choice for most computer users. Every person can simply download this software easily from its online source. After having it on desktop devices, everyone can reduce image size with this. Users simply have to right-click on the image file to compress the size of a photo for an email with this 7-Zip program. In addition, these created zip files can be emailed or shared with other people with no trouble. 

On the other hand, we have image compressors that can be easily approachable on the internet. Look at a few of them.

Image Compressing Tools

The best image compressors can reduce the size of photos in just one go. Here are a few of the most used online image compressors. Check them out.

DupliChecker – Image Compressor

DupliChecker’s image compressor helps users in compressing photos for emails. This photo compressor has the ability to decrease image size without losing its quality. The tool works swiftly and shows the results in just no time. Furthermore, this online image compressor is completely free to use, so every person who is looking for the best image compression may depend on this tool due to its remarkable work procedure. Along with all these features, the tool is really easy to use and has a simple interface. So users do not need to follow or learn any complex method to take help from this photo compressor. 

ImageOptim- Photo Compression Tool 

ImageOptim is an incredible online tool that is being used for the compression of photos for emails. The tool saves the quality of the images while reducing the size. This online image compressor is extremely easy to use. In fact, this is capable enough to decreasing the size of large images as per the need of the user. Every user can use this tool easily. All they need to do is drag & drop the image they want to cut off. The tool will start working instantly and will show the results as early as it can. The most beneficial thing about the tool is that it does not charge anything from users. 

Bottom Line

I hope one thing is clear to you now that we have multiple ways for image compression and online image compressors as well. So it is up to a user which method they should go for. Either they choose a photo compressor online tool to cut the image size, or they download a software program that can help them in this and in other manners too. My preference is the usage of online tools. The reason for this is these tools are free of cost and are super comfy to operate.

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