Google Extends Free Google Meet Video Calls Until March 2021


Google has announced a bonanza for Google Meet users as the holiday season starts. The company has extended the last date for free calls. The company statement said that it is extending a policy of letting Gmail users’ host Google Meet calls for free. This offer will remain in place till March next year. With the latest key policy change, each Google Meet call can last for 24 hours. Google had in April announced the offer of free video call meetings through Google Meet. It has said that the free services will be available until September 30. Post-September, the company was expected to revoke the offer and limit it to 60 minutes.

The decision is seen as a huge relief for people banking on its high-quality video calls during the time of the pandemic. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are unlikely to go on vacation. Also, several companies and government departments have asked their staff to work from home. This has forced people to shift to digital means to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family members. Google wants to create a great customer experience by offering new opportunities during the time of crisis. The company said that it is committed to helping those who rely on Google Meet services to stay in touch with their loved ones.

With a free call facility, users can now continue with their business and online activities on the platform. They don’t require a business account to access the services. The company said Google Meet users signing in with their Gmail account will continue to enjoy the offer. Users can create free Google Meet meetings. Each meeting can have 100 people. Google Meet in the past months has seen a surge in users across the world. Google Meet and similar services have transformed how people communicate during the pandemic. Google had launched Google Meet in 2017 to replace Hangouts. Google Meet became popular quickly because of its high-quality video and interesting features.

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